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UK Health Secretary ‘Won’t Rule Out’ Compulsory Vaccinations

UK Health Secretary ‘Won’t Rule Out’ Compulsory Vaccinations

Matt Hancock the UK’s Health Secretary has stated that anti-vaxxers have ‘Blood on their hands’ and hasn’t ruled out bringing in compulsory vaccinations to increase vaccination rates.

“Those who have promoted the anti-vaccination myth are morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible and have blood on their hands.”

He went onto say on BBC’s Radio 4 programme that though he didn’t want to enforce compulsory vaccinations, he wouldn’t rule it out:

“I don’t want to have to reach the point of compulsory vaccination, but I will rule nothing out. I don’t want to reach that point and I don’t think we are near there, but there is a huge programme of work to increase the proportion of children that are vaccinated ”

This latest political freak out comes on the back of the latest Measles outbreak that is sweeping the World and the fear mongering propaganda campaign instigated by the Governments and led by their media lapdogs.

This could escalate very quickly and so we will be watching it very closely over the coming weeks and months. We’ll keep you posted!

Further Reading: The Guardian


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