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Trump Backtracks on Vaccinations Stating "They Have to Get The Shot!"

Trump Backtracks on Vaccinations Stating “They Have to Get The Shot!”

Donald Trump has continued to ensure his record of doing the opposite to what he suggested he would do whilst running for POTUS stays spotless.

Or alternatively, it could be that Donald Trump has just submitted to the Pharmaceutical cartels demands, either way, his once Vaccine sceptic thinking has come to an end, even though he has been highly sceptical of Vaccines for years.

Following his elected position as ruler of the United States he even suggested of plans to set up a “vaccine safety commission” headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, this, however, as most of us expected amounted to absolutely zero.

But today Donald Trump made the following statement outside the White House:

“They have to get the shot. The vaccinations are so important. This is really going around now, they have to get their shot.”

Donald Trump

He appears to of changed his tune a little, wouldn’t you say?

The Measles propaganda is now spreading throughout the World and slowly, but surely the populations of planet earth are preparing for what seems like a zombie apocalypse – ‘Anti-vaxxers’ are the new enemy; move over ISIS and Al-Qaeda, here come the Anti-Vaxers!

Anti-vaxxers are now being condemned for the decrease in Vaccine uptake of pets:

Household pets face devastating outbreaks of disease because “anti-vax” scares have pushed vaccination rates dangerously low, a leading veterinary body has warned. – [source]

If the consequences of all this propaganda were not so frightening this would all be rather funny, unfortunately, the consequences are frightening and the situation is progressively getting worse by the day.


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