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Thousands of People are About to Test an HIV Vaccine

The following is an excerpt from Futurism regarding the new HIV Vaccine:

Starting in September, tens of thousands of people in Europe and the Americas will start to test an experimental HIV vaccine.

After nearly 40 years of testing more than 100 different experimental vaccines, this new drug seems to boost resistance to HIV for up to two years after being administered, Nature News reports. It’s too soon to make any bold claims about how well the vaccine works — that’s what the massive clinical trial is for — but the fact that the vaccine reached the third phase of clinical experimentation is a good sign that doctors may be on to something.

The trial will be run in eight countries, and participants will include 3,800 transgender people as well as men who have sex with men, according to Nature News. Half of the study participants will get four injections of the vaccine over the course of a year, and the rest will get a placebo. The vaccine itself is made of a disabled cold virus with synthetic HIV genes from strains of the virus found around the world.

Scientists are hoping to have a 60% protection rate for those vaccinated. But the big question many will be asking is just how safe are these new vaccines going to be?

Source: Futurism


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