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RFK Jr. Challenges Mandatory Vaccinations in Brooklyn

RFK Jr. Launches Legal Challenge Against Mandatory Measles Vaccination in Brooklyn

In response to yesterdays announcement that those living in certain areas of Brooklyn would be required to get vaccinated if they haven’t already done so, or face a fine of up to $1000 has been challenged by Robert Kennedy Jr. and his Childrens Health Defense’ Organisation.

Children’s Health Defense is supporting a legal effort to restrain this order immediately. Vaccination choice is a human right. While New York City unquestionably has the authority to isolate infectious individuals, and even to quarantine them, and to exclude unvaccinated children from schools during an outbreak in that school, it does not have the authority to require vaccination for all individuals on the basis of zip codes with vaccines that explicitly carry the risk of death. This government overreach requires challenge. [source]

As we know the previous attempt just a couple of weeks earlier to ban all unvaccinated children within the Rockland County suburb of New York from entering public spaces was over turned by a judge just a week later, so it would stand to reason this even further reaching invasion of constitutional rights would also be over turned – but, logic does not always apply and with the ‘State of Emergency’ mantra being echoed from all corners of the World right now over Measles it would not be surprising to see this order stand up against challenge.

We will keep you posted, in the meantime please leave your thoughts on this matter in the comments section below.


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