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Researchers in Rochester Offering $475 for Patients to Test Smallpox Vaccine

Researchers in Rochester Offering $475 for Patients to Test Smallpox Vaccine

What could possibly go wrong I hear you say!

This new research study will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine to protect against Smallpox. The study will last approximately up to 39 weeks.

The World Health Organization officially declared small pox eradicated in 1980, however, this new study is motivated by the threat of a small pox outbreak via bioterrorism and the risk of natural re-emergence of the virus.

Potential participants must:

  • Be 18-45 years old
  • Not have a history of pox-virus based vaccine (This would exclude US military service prior to 1991 or after January 2003)
  • Not taking any immune modifying drugs
  • Not allergic to eggs

Those lucky enough to be selected for this study will be awarded with $475.

So, i’m sure people will be lining up at the door for this one!


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