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Oregon One Step Closer to Removing Religious, Philosophical Exemptions for Vaccines

The Oregon state House passed a bill on Monday that would limit the options for parents even further to opt out of vaccinating their children, including on religious or philosophical grounds.

House Bill 3063 passed the Democratic-controlled House on Monday in a 35-25 vote, with five Democrats voting against the bill.

The bill will now move to the Senate where it is expected to pass into law.

You can read more on this over on CNN, the back story to this is becoming tedious and the media reaction is tiresome and so we feel there is little need to go over the Measles outbreaks currently ‘sweeping’ the World.

People need to push back against these morally criminal proposals – regardless of your thoughts on Vaccines, isolating those who choose not to vaccinate from tax paid services and much of society is not something anyone should be supporting, because you can be sure that it won’t end with Vaccines and one day it may be you they come for!


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