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Measles Fear Campaign Not Working? Time For Computer Simulations!

The ongoing measles fear campaign has been going on for the best part of this year, with vaccination uptake in decline across many Countries in the West and the so-called anti-vax movement growing by the day, health authorities and their Big Pharma overlords have been working overtime to ensure the population is in a permanent state of fear over a potential Measles outbreak in their area.

If you are a regular reader here at OYE NEWS you will be aware that much of the information being pumped out by these frauds are, well, fraudulent. From their mortality rates to their continual claim that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’.

Well, now they have taken their ridiculous campaign to new levels of absurdity by introducing the results of a computer simulation which is predicting a 4000% increase in Measles cases in the near future.

In the new paper published in the journal JAMA Network Open, the authors wrote:

Decreases in vaccination rates in schools with undervaccinated populations in 2018 were associated with exponential increases in the potential size of outbreaks: a 5% decrease in vaccination rate was associated with a 4 0% to 4000% increase in potential outbreak size, depending on the metropolitan area.”

This simulation worked by looking at vaccine uptakes, school sizes and populations of various state’s school districts as well as 2010 US Consensus data, this data was then crunched according to the simulations algorithm and then created a synthetic population the size of Texas to see how an infected individual might affect different populations.

How accurate is it? Well, nobody knows, but rarely do computer simulations come anywhere close to predicting anything with and degree of accuracy.

However, it is worth noting that of course measles cases will continue to increase initially as vaccine uptake declines, though over time a natural herd immunity would once again form in the population. This natural herd immunity would if left to fruition be far more effective then a vaccinated herd – however, the transition period could indeed be tricky, but ultimately worth it in the long run.


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