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Germany Proposes Mandatory Measles Vaccination For All Children

From a nation that enforces all its citizens to send their Children into Government indoctrination camps, aka Schools, this latest proposal won’t come as a major surprise.

The German government just proposed a plan to make measles vaccinations mandatory for children and people who work at kindergartens and schools. Parents could face fines of up to $2,800 if they don’t get their children vaccinated. To prove they have been vaccinated, parents will have to hand over their children’s vaccination records.[source]

“Whether in kindergarten, at the childminder or at school — we want to protect all children against measles infection,” – Jens Spahn, German Health Minister

Unlike other Countries proposing such radical action upon its citizens, German citizens have the disadvantage of not being legally allowed to withdraw their children from their education system. The only option would be to leave the country, though you would still need to send your child to school in the Country you emigrate to as German citizens have been known to be extradited back to Germany for homeschooling outside Germany.

‘Germany has banned homeschooling since World War I and requires children to attend public or state-approved private schools. The government persecutes homeschooling parents and guardians with fines, imprisonment, and even forcible removal of children from their families.’ – [Source]


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