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Chiropractor Fined $100k for Anti-Vaccine Posts on Social Media

Dena Churchill, a now former Halifax-based chiropractor has been ordered to pay $100,000 to the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors for sharing Anti-Vaccination posts on her Social Media accounts.

‘….the college launched an investigation into Churchill, who operated Oxford Chiropractic Inc., over “prolific” posting on social media about disproved and unfounded views on vaccination in a blog entitled Dr. Sexy Mom.’ [source]

Nova Scotia’s chiropractor college states that the topic of Vaccines falls outside the scope of Chiropractic practice and that “vaccination and immunization are established public health practices in the prevention of infectious diseases.”

Churchill surrendered her license to the practice on January 22, 2019 admitting to the charge of being “professionally incompetent as a result of incompetence arising out of mental incapacity.”

The Committee said that:

“This entire matter could have been avoided if [Churchill] deleted offending posts from her social media account. She refused.”

So there we have it, apparently, you are not allowed to have an opinion on Vaccinations which opposes the World State consensus if you work within certain institutions. I understand that professionals within the healthcare industry need to be responsible in what they share with people, particularly when they use titles such as Doctor before their name – However, Vaccines are essentially an alleged preventative healthcare option.

That said, if a Doctor is telling its clients and followers to inject mercury and aborted fetal matter into themselves then maybe there is a case to be had.


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