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January, 2020

  • 17 January

    CDC Warn Flu Vaccine is a Bad Match And Largely Ineffective – Again!

    This will come as little surprise to many, we seem to hear the same story year after year. But once again the CDC have warned that this years Flu Vaccine does not match the strain of the most common virus circulating. “It’s not a very good match for B/Victoria,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy …

December, 2019

  • 27 December

    New Ebola Vaccine to be Tested on 500,000 Congolese

    The race for an Ebola Vaccine begun several years ago when Ebola was allegedly spreading through parts of the World like wildfire. Since this scare the media panic of Ebola has subsided, but the race for a vaccine continued. Well now a new vaccine will be injected into half a million Congolese despite scientists concern over the lack of testing …

  • 21 December

    Invisible Ink Could Reveal Whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated

    A group of Technology Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a way of keeping track of vaccinated children by embedding a record of the vaccination directly into the skin. When a child is vaccinated they would also be injected with a small amount of dye which is invisible to the naked eye. Then using a smartphone application …

  • 3 December

    Meet the Babies in Your Next Vaccines

    We all know about the Planned Parenthood videos through the Center for Medical Progress that showed how live, fully intact fetuses have been harvested for aborted fetal research.  Who are these babies who never received a name and are only known by a number?  How Many Babies Are Killed For Your Vaccines?The truth the vaccine industry hides from you. Watch as this woman …

  • 2 December

    How a Wrong Injection Helped Cause Samoa’s Measles Epidemic

    Samoa’s Measles outbreak was largely blamed on a rise in anti-vaccine sentiment, however it would seem that actually the epidemic may be due to the wrong injection being administered. The BBC Reports: The number of people killed in Samoa’s measles outbreak has reached 53, with almost 4,000 cases reported in total. Health Ministry statistics show that 48 of the dead are …

  • 1 December

    First Malaria Vaccine Rolled Out Despite Safety Concerns and Limited Efficacy

    RTS,S, also known by its brand name, Mosquirix, targets Plasmodium falciparum, the most common and most lethal of four malaria parasite species. With deaths declining over time the development for the vaccine has stalled, but now it’s here – But does it work and more importantly, is it safe? Four doses of the vaccine will give just a 30% chance of …

November, 2019

  • 30 November

    Candace Owens Goes Public About Her HPV Vaccine Reaction

    The popular American commentator and political analysts Candace Owens recently created a twitter storm where she told her 1.8 million followers of a ‘terrible’ reaction she experienced from her HPV shot. The post went on to receive nearly a thousand comments, most of which were sympathetic to her experience. Candace Owens went on to condemn the government overreach, warning that …

  • 28 November

    Chickenpox Vaccine Reactivates in Two Boys, Causing Rare Meningitis

    As the push for mandatory vaccinations sweeps the World we see yet another case of why Vaccines are not as ‘Safe and Effective‘ as the so-called health authorities claim them to be. CNN Reports: Doctors described what they believe are the first known cases of meningitis due to reactivation of chickenpox vaccine in two 14-year-old boys who received both recommended …

  • 18 November

    Germany Mandates Measles Vaccinations

    Germany’s parliament has just approved a law making it compulsory for schoolchildren to be vaccinated against measles. Lawmakers approved the government’s bill on Thursday with a majority of 459 in favour an 89 against with 105 abstentions. Parents who cannot prove their children have been vaccinated will receive a fine of up to €2,500. This will effectively make every single school-age …

  • 17 November

    The Poisoning of Our Childrens Brains

    The world is becoming increasingly more toxic by the day, whether it’s the pharmaceuticals being prescribed for our children mental and physical health or the continual attack coming from social media via their mobile phones – The World is full of so many potentially deadly attacks on our children and most parents are still totally unaware. In this video Dr. …