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Vaccine Pushers Desperate Attempt To Increase HPV Vaccine Uptake

Vaccine Pushers Desperate Attempt To Increase HPV Vaccine Uptake

With all the bad press surrounding the HPV Vaccine and the thousands of children debilitated by the Vaccine it’s no wonder confidence and thus uptake of the vaccine has declined astronomically.

So in an attempt to increase the uptake and therefore the profits incurred from the Vaccine new methods are being implemented.

Bundle the Vaccine with others

This method takes the focus away from just the HPV Vaccine and therefore the chances of acceptance of the HPV Vaccine have proven to increase:

A system-wide effort that included bundling the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine with other vaccines and avoiding missed opportunities for vaccination increased HPV vaccine uptake well above the national average, according to a report published online October 5 in Pediatrics.

“By addressing provider- and system-level barriers, including avoiding missed opportunities and providing a strong recommendation, adolescent vaccination coverage rates at Denver Health have risen well above national rates, especially for HPV,” write Anna-Lisa M. Farmar, MD, MPH, from the University of Colorado, Aurora, and colleagues. [Source: Medscape]

Talk about Cancer rather than Sex

By talking about less about sex and more about the big scary Cancer it’s believed more people will accept the Vaccine:

Health experts have a new strategy to get more young people vaccinated against HPV—don’t talk about sex.

The CDC, along with cancer organizations and other groups, are urging health-care providers to promote the HPV vaccine’s cancer-prevention benefits rather than stressing it protects against sexually transmitted infections, which puts off some parents who worry the vaccine will promote promiscuity or feel their preteens are too young to need the shots. [Source: WSJ]

The CDC still state that there are no known serious adverse affect’s connected to the Vaccine, meanwhile more and more cases are being added to the VEARS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database every day.

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