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UK Coronavirus Imminent Threat – Forcible Quarantine Enabled

The UK has ramped up its precautionary protocols in dealing with possible Coronavirus infections. This comes on the back of four new cases in the UK bringing the total to eight.

New measures will allow health authorities to forcibly quarantine all suspected cases in England.

The New York Times reports:

The newly introduced measures — which apply only in England — are among the first in Europe to allow the health authorities to keep individuals in quarantine if public health professionals believe they may be at risk of spreading the virus.

The Department of Health and Social Care emphasized that the risk of contracting the coronavirus in Britain remained “moderate,” even as the government empowered the health authorities to forcibly quarantine people. It also designated a hospital, near Liverpool, and a conference center, northwest of London, as isolation facilities for those placed under quarantine.

Britains health secretary Matt Hancock said ” “I will do everything in my power to keep people in this country safe, “We are taking every possible step to control the outbreak of coronavirus.”.

We’ll keep you posted as the coronavirus hysteria continues, with around 40,000 known cases now Worldwide and over 900 reported deaths this latest virus pandemic is certainly escalating quickly. However, we need to consider the fact that just about all the deaths have been in China and that it is likely in all cases which ended in death the deceased was already suffering from health problems.

While this latest strain of the Coronavirus appears to be more dangerous than usual, the death rate in the western world from it is still we believe at zero.

Is this latest move from the UK an over reaction or responsible action, what do you think?


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