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Root Cause documentary removed from Netflix

The Root Cause Documentary – Removed From Netflix

Netflix’s feature-length documentary about root canals called Root Cause has been pulled from the streaming service following complaints from American dental organisations, the same organisations might we add that advocate and are directly responsible for the fluoridation of US water supply.

The Root Cause is a documentary about the detrimental health effects that root canal dentistry can have, they make the controversial claim that the treatment could even be the cause of many cancers.

It is ultimately this narrative that got the major Dentist Associations to throw their toys out of the pram and force the likes of Netflix and other media streaming services to remove the Documentary.

‘Dentists, endodontists and dental researchers are warning Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Vimeo to remove a documentary that spreads fear and misinformation about the safety of root canals and extracting wisdom teeth.’ [source]

This isn’t the first time third-party organisations or individuals have used their political weight to remove information from the internet which doesn’t fit with their own opinion or narrative. Only a couple weeks ago we saw a mass culling of Anti-vaccine Documentaries on Amazons streaming services which occurred following a letter from Congressman Adam Schiff which was sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, telling him “that Amazon is surfacing and recommending” dangerous anti-vaccine content to its consumers.

Whether the science is accurate in the Documentary is up for debate, however for the institutions to actively work to get such Documentaries shut down and censored because it contradicts the safety and efficacy of the very practices they perform is a potential red flag.

If the claims are so preposterous and lacking any validity then the Documentary will be laughed at and disregarded by most, this persistent idea that keeps getting floated around that many people believe these mainstream contradicting ideas because they are less educated, less fortunate and often mentally unstable is a myth. This is the lie they tell to turn its faithful into missionaries of the state. It places the state believers, the faithful, the indoctrinated, high upon a pedestal allowing them to look down upon the dissenters and shake their sticks in dismay and pity at the fools that dare to question their masters. A little dramatic, maybe, but accurate nevertheless.


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Dora da Xplorer
Dora da Xplorer

Another documentary removed due to pressure from outside?!!

This is not looking good. Whether we agree with everything available to us is surely not the point in media and information. I think the World would be a very boring (and frightening) place if everything offered to us fitted with our current belief systems.

Personally though, I think this type of censorship will only draw more attention to the information they are trying to shut down.


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