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Pro-Vaccine Nurse has Family Outbreak of Mumps and is Accused of not Vaccinating

Kami Altenberg Schaal has been a professional nurse for 22 years. She and her family are fully vaccinated and she considers herself pro-vaccine.

Recently however Kami has experienced attacks from colleagues and friends following a recent outbreak of Mumps in her family. Even though she did everything and beyond that is expected from a state abiding vaccine enthusiast she is still being accused of not vaccinating her family.

Whats more shocking is when she deliberately asked for the fact that her family was all vaccinated should be made public in the letter to the health authorities she was told that was not possible as it would give fodder to the ‘anti-vax movement’.

Kami is clearly an intelligent individual and even though she has up until now always vaccinated herself and her family she is not so ignorant to dismiss potential dangers that some vaccines may have to some individuals, she understands that the Science isn’t settled and the Science, as Science should, is constantly evolving:

Science and medicine is continually evolving. There’s so much we don’t know. Everybody … physiologically is different. And we don’t understand everything.
Let me tell you, there are things I did as a nurse, 20 years ago, in one of the most incredible intensive care units in the country – and there were things that we did that were standards of care that have been disproved by science, that we found were not as effective as we thought they were. Or they may have led to an increase in morbidity and fatalities.
The things that we believed that were like the “gold standard” in medicine, we disprove all the time.
Science does not equal truth. We disprove science all the time.

Her family of 5 had all been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine, but even with the alleged 90% effectiveness 4 out of 5 members of her family came down with the mumps. Her daughter first contracted the infection in college, when an outbreak of mumps is currently circulating.

What’s more, as is the case of most of these Mumps outbreaks most of those contracting the virus are vaccinated, as was Kami and her family.

We also heard that in a recent outbreak of Mumps aboard a Navy Ship where all those on-board the vessel were vaccinated against the virus, the US Navy has acknowledged that the Mumps Vaccine was ineffective in this instance. In reality, it is most likely that it is the MMR Vaccine that caused the outbreak to occur in the first place, though this likely fact is not being publicised.


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