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Lawsuit Filed Against Apple & Samsung For Unsafe Radiation Levels

Its no secret that mobile phone technology poses a major health risk to humans and the environment, regulations are in place to limit the levels allowed in products, though many fear even these limited levels could cause a danger to human health.

Apple and Samsung have just had a lawsuit filed against them for exceeding these levels set out by the FCC.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday, two days after the Chicago Tribune published a report detailing a study it had commissioned from specialist company RF Exposure Lab.

ZDNet Reports:

The tests included three iPhone 7 devices, an iPhone X, an iPhone 8, an iPhone 8 Plus, a Galaxy S9, a Galaxy S8, a Galaxy J3, a Moto e5 Play, a Moto g6 Play, and a Vivo 5 Mini.

The study found that the iPhone 7, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy J3, exceeded the RF emission limits that the FCC deems as safe. 

However, in many cases the devices exceeded the limit when positioned closer to the body than the distance the FCC allows manufacturers to do when testing devices for RF emissions. 

For example, the test founds that when the Galaxy devices were positioned at 10mm to 15mm from the human body – a distance the FCC allows in its guidelines for manufacturers – they measured under the RF emissions safety limit. 

However, when tested at 2mm the RF “exposures measured well over the standard”, according to the Chicago Tribune. In the case of the Galaxy S8, the RF levels at 2mm from the body exceeded the FCC’s limit by 500%. 

The lawsuit also digs into the marketing used by Apple which shows people putting phones in their pockets and holding them in their hands, even though their own safety warnings state the devices should not be within a set distance from the body.

If your interested in the dangers surrounding mobile phone technology we highly recommend ‘Wi-Fried‘, a documentary which takes a look at the dangers surrounding mobile phone and Wi-Fi technology.


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