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Germany Proposes $2,800 Fine for Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate

Germany is the next Country in a long line of Countries to propose tough new legislation to increase Vaccinate uptake. The Countries Health Minister Jens Spahn told German media that he “Wanted to eradicate measles”.

The proposal comes in response to Germany reporting one of the highest numbers of measles cases in Europe this year, with a total number of cases now at 651, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). At the top of the list was Italy, with 2,498 reported cases.

The proposal would affect all Children attending School and Kindergarten and with homeschooling outlawed in Germany that includes every single Child in Germany.

The proposal also states that all educators and medical workers will be required to have their vaccine schedule up to date.

The measles panic is spreading like wildfire and slowly but surely every Government of the Western World is reacting with harsh new measures.

The UK Health Secretary only last week said he “wouldn’t rule out mandatory vaccines” and the US is passing new vaccine mandates in various states every week it seems.

Whether you support the use of Vaccines or not is not the real danger here, the real danger is our human rights to decide what is best for our bodies and that of our children’s bodies is being taken away from us. This is a truly frightening time in history and though many won’t see the significance of these new heavy handed approaches be issued by various Governments, the repercussions of their ignorance towards it will be felt in time by even them.

You all have a voice – use it.


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