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Dying of Ignorance – Richard Hall

Having blind faith in your doctor could be a dangerous thing. Most people don’t realise that G.P.s rarely read research papers carried out in medical research.

They merely follow guidelines handed down to them by “the profession”. In many respects, your G.P. is just a minion following a diagnosis/treatment flowchart that they never question.

So this sort of system is no good at rooting out falsehoods or incorporating new ideas. In fact, advice from a doctor could put you in an early grave. People are taught from a young age never to question the advice of a doctor.

If you want to improve your health and your chances of living a long and healthy life, then carrying out your own research is essential. In this show we discuss AIDS and HIV, cancer, vaccines and diabetes. Prepare to have your beliefs changed.

You can find more excellent material from Richard Hall over at Richplanet TV


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