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Dentists in Oregon to Begin Offering Vaccinations to Patients

Dentists in Oregon to Begin Offering Vaccinations to Patients

Beginning next year, dentists in Oregon will be allowed to give their patients vaccinations, should the patients request them. The law passed almost unanimously and is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown in the next couple days.

“Oregon health officials have been working on this since before the recent nationwide measles outbreak. This law expands that and will allow dentists to be able to give both children and adults vaccines. Other states allow dentists to give flu shots, but not all vaccinations. Two weeks from now, the group will meet with the Oregon Board of Dentistry to start establishing training rules and protocols for dentists.”

The bill was spearheaded by Phillip Marucha, dean of dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon Dental Association.

This comes amidst the ongoing fear-mongering measles campaign which is currently gripping the US, many believe this latest ruling is just paving the way for dentistry patients to be required to have their shots in order to be seen. Whatever the underlying reason behind this latest move it shows just how serious this drive to increase Vaccine uptake is.


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