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CBD Oil Now a Schedule 1 Drug Along Side Heroin And Crack Cocaine

This news is virtually conclusive proof that the American Government are nothing more than whores for their Corporate masters; with policy, after policy only showing benefit for Corporate wealth and no benefit what so ever for the American people. In fact, in this case, it offers damaging effects to many families.

The Federal Government have just announced that all Cannabis extracts including the widely used CBD oil will be classed as a Schedule 1 Drug. So a plant extract which offers a list of health benefits so long you can write a book on it is to be placed in the same Illegal drug category as Heroin and Crack Cocaine.

Leafly reports:

The DEA’s attempt to criminalize the status of cannabidiol (CBD) earlier this week has thrown the cannabis industry into an uproar. Hundreds of thousands of patients around the country rely on non-psychoactive CBD products to manage pain, inflammation, seizures, and other medical conditions. Hemp-derived CBD oil was, and continues to be, sold openly in American markets.

The DEA’s notice in the Federal Register on Wednesday, however, sent that entire industry sector into turmoil. The rule creates “unfair barriers for companies with cannabidiol in their products,” said Mark Malone, executive director of the Cannabis Business Alliance. “Patients will be forced to find cannabidiol from the unregulated black market.” Leah Heise, CEO of Women Grow, said the rule “has the potential to inflict substantial harm to a legitimate industry that has been operating legally worldwide for over a decade.”

So why would this plant extract with a wealth of medicinal benefits be classed in the same way as Heroin?

Control and Ultimately greed, naturally occurring medicinal plants are a danger to the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry, they cannot be patented and therefore can not drive huge profits into their shareholder’s pockets.

However there is hope, it turns out this law may not even be legal and it’s entirely possible that in a court of law this new classification will be thrown at the window, as they did in a similar case 1 years ago with hemp, Leafly continues:

Those cases, known collectively as Hemp Industries Association v. DEA, are the reason you can purchase hempseed oil at Whole Foods today. And it may be the hammer with which cannabis industry attorneys can smash the new CBD rule.

In fact, this week’s CBD rule may actually be more difficult for the DEA to defend than its hemp rule 15 years ago.


Monsanto | Legalisation of Cannabis is ending the War on Weed in order to Control Weed


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