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Bluetooth Smart Diapers are Here!

Earlier in the week, we reported on China’s latest smart technology – Smart Uniforms for Schools. Well, it seems Koreans have taken it one step further with thanks to Huggies, and best of all, it’s coming to the US!

Enter Huggies new line of diapers, Monit x Huggies, featuring Bluetooth sensors that can text the parents of the latest bowel movement by the wearer of the diaper.

The product was launched in Korea last year and is to be launched in the US later this year.

It’s not just Huggies though breaking into this emerging space, many other Diaper manufacturers are looking to compete:

Although Huggies would be the first major company to bring its product to market in the US, it is only one player in the sprawling diaper-tech war. The health care company Pixie Scientific has been testing diapers that track infant urinary health since 2013, while Google’s parent company Alphabet submitted a patent last year for a carbon fiber-laced diaper that alerts parents about a shift in diaper equilibrium, including by distinguishing between poop and pee. The Chinese personal care giant Hunan Cosom lists smart diapers among its products, as does the Chinese tech company Opro9. [source]

Though this new technology has come with much criticism from the media to whether such technology is even necessary, virtually no one is talking about the potential health and social effects surrounding this new tech.

The Huggies smart diaper, for example, uses Bluetooth technology to transmit message to the parent smartphone regarding the current status of the diaper – Bluetooth technology is not dissimilar to WiFi technology in that is high-frequency microwave frequency, though the industry has yet to accept the dangers surrounding microwave radiation – it is pretty clear the dangers exist. Do we really think placing this type of technology right next to our babies genitalia is a good idea?

But aside from the health issues surrounding this type of technology what about the social implications – prior to smart diapers a parent, specifically though not explicitly the mother is ‘in tune’ with their baby – they know when its hungry, they know when its tired, they know when its pee’d and when its pooped, a technology such as this will simply break this inherent human connection between mother and child.


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