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Big Pharma’s Cash Cow

The pharmaceutical industry is a profitable business, with an infinite and indefinite flow of consumers and limitless possibilities for new products the industry is thriving and growth in the sector is inevitable.

Now we have no issue with private companies profiting from their sales, this is how the free market works – however the problem arises when these same companies embed themselves into Government and institutions which layout World policy on the use of their products.

The Pharmaceutical industry has the largest lobbying group in the World, there is a revolving door between big pharma and the health institutions which are supposed to govern them. This is a blatant conflict of interests and how anyone can see this as acceptable behaviour is beyond understanding.

We all want to live longer and be healthier and therefore it is natural to support the development of science and medicine, however, you need to consider whether the medicine being developed is for the greater good of societal health or for the greater good of pharmaceutical shareholders.

You’ve all heard of planned obsolescence and if you haven’t you will of experienced it – planned obsolescence is where manufacturers build into their products failures to ensure future repairs or replacements of the products they sell after all a smartphone that lasts forever is not a profitable long term business plan for the manufacturer. Well, the pharmaceutical industry has a similar approach to their product design, after all a medicine that cures its consumer has very short term profitability.

It is a far better business model to develop medicines which require continual usage, have multiple side-effects, which of course can be counteracted with further medicines and generally keep the consumer as a permanent subscriber to your product range.

This is why you will never see mainstream health services approach health at a holistic level. Symptoms are a far more profitable area to try and resolve than the cause. Fix the cause and your repeat customers soon dry up, whereas fixing the symptom and you have a customer for life.

We need to remember the majority of us are born healthy, humans are designed to evolve, adapt and thrive, assuming the correct inputs are given i.e clean water, healthy food, stimulating environment. Treat yourself like you would a million dollar Lamborghini and that for most of us is all that is required.


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