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5G Smart Cows

5G Smart Cows Being Milked by Robots

If you were expecting this to be nothing more than a click-bait headline you’d be wrong, unfortunatley.

As the race for 5G rollout continues across the World the technology itself is now being tested for use in various industries, these lucky Cows are some of the first participants in this largely unknown and potentially dangerous experimental technology.

The trial on over 50 cows in Shepton Mallet, UK connects the Cow by 5G head collar to a robotic device that automatically determines the location of the Cows teats and latches on.

Reuters reports:

For the cows, among the 5G-connected gadgets they are wearing is a collar that controls a robotic milking system. When the cow feels ready to be milked it will approach machine gates that will automatically open. The device recognizes the individual to precisely latch on to its teats for milking, while the cow munches on a food reward. [reuters]

They claim “the gadgets do not harm the cows” however this statement is made without any research ever being done on the technology.

United States senator Mr Blumenthal asked the question at a 5G Senate Commerce Committee Hearing in February of this year to how many studies have actually been done into the safety of 5G, the response was, well – listen for yourself:


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