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Godfather of Vaccines on the Use of Aborted Babies for Vaccine Development

In January of 2018 Stanley Plotkin, who is often labelled the Godfather of Vaccines due to his unprecedented amount of work and published literature in the field of Vaccine production was put in front of a camera for a 10 hour deposition in regards to a case involving two parents who had a disagreement over whether their child should, or should not be vaccinated.

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This New MMR Study Will Shock You

There is a new MMR about to go on the market and the study results will shock you!

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Gardasil “The Science” Video and Other Facts

This must-watch video details the many problems with the development and safety of Merck’s third-highest grossing product, Gardasil.

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Twitter Launches New Search Feature to Clampdown on Vaccine Free Speech

All the big players have already done so and it was only a matter of time before Twitter followed suit and joined the herd

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UK Warns of Zika Carrying Mosquito Attacks

Just when you thought the Zika scare was a long forgotten news story, its ugly head rears once again - this time the threat is being issued to those in the UK and its teamed up with the newest enemy in town - Climate Change!

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Bluetooth Smart Diapers are Here!

Enter Huggies new line of diapers, Monit x Huggies, featuring Bluetooth sensors that can text the parents of the latest bowel movement by the wearer of the diaper.

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Protect Your Home From Microwave Radiation

With microwave radiation exposure in our everyday lives increasing at an exponential rate and 5G being rolled out across the World as we speak, what can we do to protect ourselves from the dangers inflicted upon us from the technology?

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Sunscreen Enters the Bloodstream After Just One Day – New Study

With the fear of the Sun and the damage it can do to our health being drummed into us now for decades, the typical and medically endorsed method to prevent detrimental health effects from the sun has been to use Sunscreen.

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Oregon One Step Closer to Removing Religious, Philosophical Exemptions for Vaccines

The Oregon state House passed a bill on Monday that would limit the options for parents even further to opt out of vaccinating their children, including on religious or philosophical grounds.

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Germany Proposes $2,800 Fine for Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate

Germany is the next Country in a long line of Countries to propose tough new legislation to increase Vaccinate uptake.

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