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UK Parliament Dissolves For Possible Syrian Invasion With Another False Flag Sarin Attack?

What is the real reason, a party that is guaranteed power for the next few years has randomly decided to risk losing it?

Firstly there is the obvious. To let in a ‘Tony Blair anti-brexit’ party to derail the people’s choice of getting it’s sovereignty back from a criminal communist dictatorship, also known as the EU.

But the main reason might be something far more sinister… To invade Syria.

Four years ago in 2013 they tried with the aid of a false flag attack, but fortunately some level heads within Parliament acted for the people and stopped any military action in Syria, which would have been against international law.

But they might need another false flag closer to home to get the ball rolling, that pulls at the emotional strings of people around the world. Maybe another shooting, truck driven in to people or bombing killing women and children in the US, France or the UK.

Then we will see the media pump the flue and get the motive going for intervention in Syria with the full support of the people.

How the 2013 Syrian Chemical Weapons Videos Were Staged

Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flag No.2 – Priming You To Support The Next War Of Terror

But these evil neo-cons don’t give up. They have no respect for you or anyone, just as long as they can can serve the narrative of the Satanic elite.

On Wednesday the 3rd of May at midnight, the UK parliament will devolve in the run up to the snap election.

By law, Parliament is dissolved 25 working days before a general election takes place.

Given that the next general election is going to be on Thursday, 8 June 2017, this means Parliament is being dissolved at midnight – well, 00:01 to be precise! – on Wednesday, 3 May 2017.

From the moment Parliament is dissolved, MPs are no longer MPs. They become members of the public again. [Source]

This will mean that there will be no MP’s to stop any executive decisions made by the un-elected prime minister for the next 4 weeks.

What a perfect time to invade and occupy another middle eastern country against the will of the people of Britain and the world.

But they will need an excuse, so expect another fabricated chemical weapons false flag, just like the previous two and just as Putin has warned us about:


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On the surface it may seem well intended, however rest assured this is not about protecting the innocent, this is not even about counter-terrorism.

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