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Parents who fail to pay truancy fines to have child benefit docked, says Cameron 

Parents of children who play truant will have their child benefit docked if they fail to pay fines, under measures announced by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Can someone please explain to me how we have a system in place where we, the Taxpayer fund for the public Schooling system and yet if we fail to use it we then get fined?

So lets just clarify this:

We are FORCED TO FUND the Schooling system –

and then PUNISHED FOR FAILING TO USE that very same service which we ourselves are funding

The craziest thing is the majority of people will believe this is a good idea, because as they say “You can’t just have parents sending their children when they feel like it, that just doesn’t work” – Why not?

Why can we not use school when we want to? It’s  a PUBLIC service, it’s funded by taxpayers and therefore we should have the right to use this service as it best suits us, right ?

Education is not about exam results, Education is not about knowing what everyone else in your class knows, Education is not about how well you fit into the establishment manufactured society…..

Education IS about thinking for yourself, exploring the World, how can we even begin to expect Children to think for themselves when Society is attempting to force a controlled, routine driven education system which gives no room for expansion on the curriculum, no freedom to step outside the normal workings of the planned lesson and to allow their young minds fly off at a tangent and explore something totally disconnected from the teachers original schedule.

No one can deny a public school system is a great service, but it seems the very purpose of it’s existence is less about education and more about preparing Children for the system they are expected grow into, ensuring that they follow and support that same system till death.


Source: Parents who fail to pay truancy fines to have child benefit docked, says Cameron – Yahoo News UK


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