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Boris Johnson to Push for General Election if Brexit Delay Granted

Its been sometime since we’ve reported on the ongoing Brexit theatrics over in the UK. Largely because the outcome is likely to be what we envisaged several years ago when the referendum results came in, it won’t happen.

Last night the commons voted to block Boris Johnson’s plan to get the new deal signed off within three days, and a letter Mr Johnson was forced by law to send to the bloc after failing to secure backing for his deal on Saturday, calls for a three-month extension.

On Tuesday, MPs approved the prime minister’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill on its first hurdle through the Commons – called the second reading – by 329 votes to 299.

But minutes later Mr Johnson was defeated – by a majority of 14 – in a second vote on a fast-tracked timetable for the bill, prompting him to pause his legislation. [source]

If this three month extension is accepted Johnson claims he will call for another General Election.

If a General Election occurs then we could well be looking at a labour Government by Christmas and another EU referendum in the first quarter of 2020. Not exactly shocking, we know.

Jeremy Corbyn from the opposition labour party has already made it clear he will support a general election if the delay is granted by the EU, he said “Extension, then election,”.

Corbyn as also promised a second referendum soon after being elected saying, “After an election, a Labour government would introduce legislation to ensure a referendum takes place.” .

Of course this is assuming the Labour Party win a General Election, which currently look largely in favor of the current Conservative party – however, historically polls are little indication of how the vote would go in a real election:

Whatever happens we can expect much more fun and games before this Brexit shenanigans is over, so grab your popcorn and enjoy the drama as it unfolds.


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