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Child Stealing by the State

UK Social services is an institution designed to help families and more specifically, Children within the UK’s borders. However, according to Carol Woods who worked as a social worker in the Lancashire region of the UK they use this power for far more nefarious activities.

In the above video, Brian Gerrish from UK Column interviews Carol Woods about what can only be described as ‘Ordered Children’, this is where children already on the social services database have their paperwork modified to ensure they are taken away from their family, as a family wanting to adopt are standing in waiting.

To many this may sound a little far fetched, however from the research we have done over the years this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Where there are vulnerable children involved, typically a whole host of people are ready in waiting to take advantage of these children any way they can.

Carol Woods has gone through hell and back since she made the decision to blow the whistle on this highly corrupt and immoral practice, she was detained and placed into a psychiatric ward under the mental health act.

There has been no mainstream press on her allegations, so even though this story is several years old now, few are still aware of this criminal practice being carried out by a system we are led to believe is here to protect children.


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