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Facebook outlines orwellian plans for the future

Facebook Outlines the Platforms Orwellian Plans for the Future

Unarguably Facebook is already deeply embedded into everyone lives now more than any third party has ever been in history – however, if Facebooks presentations at F8 last week are anything to go by things are about to get a whole lot worse.

The company discussed its plans to begin content moderation directly on its users by scanning their phones directly for content, even encrypted messages in WhatsApp between users for content that Facebook and Governments dont like. Yes, we kid you not.

The presentation entitled “Applying AI to keep the platform safe” is on the face of it software engineers discussing the complexities of running large AI models on mobile hardware, however reading between the lines and it sets the stage for the orwellian features the platform will be rolling out in the not to distant future.

As Kalev Leetaru correctly points out in his recent Forbes article:

‘Facebook’s shift to the edge sounds so Orwellian it makes the NSA spying efforts disclosed by Edward Snowden sound like child’s play. Are we really rushing towards a world in which Facebook-produced AI algorithms will be running directly on our phones, monitoring every second of our lives, eliminating encryption, preventing us from seeing or saying anything the company doesn’t like and even sending alerts when we utter an unauthorized phrase? Is this truly to be our future?’

Big Brother is watching you, this is 1984.


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