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media calls for further book burning

Media Calls for Further Book Burning

Only last week we saw the call for Anti-Vaccination related content to be removed from Amazon, well it would seem the Mainstream media has only just got started on their calls for censorship.

On Wednesday Wired magazine published an article entitled Amazon sells ‘autism cure’ books that suggest children drink toxic, bleach-like substances , they cover an investigation they have done on Amazon into the ease of which anyone can upload a Kindle book sale offers its readers potentially dangerous methods for curing autism. The article then goes on to point out some books on the platform that in their minds are dangerous books offering solutions to Autism which have no scientific backing.

‘A search for “autism cure” on Amazon brings up dozens of books positing pseudoscientific solutions for autism spectrum disorder – a complex and lifelong developmental disability that has no known cure’ – [Source]

Now the main focus of the article is on books promoting that Autism sufferers should drink a bleach-like substance, however, it does also point out books like Fight Autism and Win which promotes the practice of chelation, which draws heavy metals out of the subject’s body.

Wired magazine quickly points out that a child died following an intravenous chelation session.

In 2005, a five-year-old autistic boy died after he was subjected to his third round of intravenous chelation at the Advanced Integrative Medicine Center in Portersville, Pennsylvania.

However, what the article failed to point out, is that this book specifically educates people not to do intravenous chelation as its highly dangerous. The book offers a more subtle, gentle approach to the chelation and also goes into dietary changes which can help the healing process.

The rest of the media, of course, jumped on the bandwagon and mirrored the article without any further research into the subject, this was shortly followed by Amazon removing the two books highlighted in the Wired article.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there is no known cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder, but these books claim parents can cure the disorder through scientifically unproven approaches. The removal by Amazon comes amid mounting criticism of misinformation on the company’s platform. [source]

Where Does it End?

Here lies the problem, if the media can drum up enough attention on a particular book that they feel is misleading, misinformation, entirely false or even dangerous to get it banned from the Worlds Book selling monopoly that is Amazon, then our literature has been hijacked.

What will be next, Alternative Cancer Cures?

We can’t comment on the two books that have been banned from sale on Amazon as we haven’t read them, however from what we understand about Fight Autism and Win at least is that the very reason it got highlighted and later banned is a practice the writers make pretty clear should never be attempted.

The burning of books represents an element of censorship and usually proceeds from a cultural, religious, or political opposition to the materials in question.


In the following video Dell Bigtree covers this story in more depth.


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