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The Google Propaganda Machine

Has anyone noticed how over the past couple years, particularly in the last six months Google, the Worlds most common starting point for all internet browsing, has become no more than a search engine for Western State propaganda?

In a time not so far ago, you could type in your desired search requirement and find a host of different websites from all types of content providers, from this you could quickly find many different perspectives, opinions and theories about your chosen search phrase. Move on to present day and we have a very different story, search results are now dominated entirely by a handful of sources, all of which align with the opinion of the state in which the search was initiated.

For example here in the UK a quick search of News within Googles News section produces the following results:

As you can see the first three pages are almost entirely dominated by just one News source, the BBC. But even the other sources that begin to slip into the results are all mainstream news media sites, all of which report the same narratives.

So, lets take a look at what Australian citizens get to see using the same search:

Similar results can be seen throughout Europe and the US, with leading Mainstream News sources filling the majority of the results pages.

We also see a similar trend when it comes to subjects, for example a quick search of the term ‘Vaccine Facts’ will produce the following results:

As you can see all results are pro-vaccine without exception, which is interesting since Vaccine Researcher and Author, Peter Hotez recently claimed in an interview with Joe Rogan that ‘the anti-vaccine lobbying groups had hijacked the internet’ and search results were now filled with anti-vaccine misinformation.

Another fun one to look at is ‘Russia’, Google throws out some pretty scary results, you may want to run for cover after seeing these!:

This search was done using a UK IP address, similar results are produced throughout most of Europe and the US. If you base your reality on Google’s search results you would be expecting Russia to Nuke you any day now.

Controlling the Narrative

Ultimately this heavy filtration of information which we are seeing with Google is all about controlling the narrative and thus controlling the people of the nations to which this propaganda is being propagated in.

Google is not alone in this social engineering agenda, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and all the other usual suspects are all too guilty of the same practices. Facebooks influence could potentially be even more damning to a populations perceptions of reality than Google, especially since over two-thirds of people now get their World News from Facebook.

Facebook has been continually adjusting their algorithms to keep Governments happy the last few years, from booting off their platform pages which oppose the preferred view to shadow banning content which they deem as misinformation.

All News is Fake News

One thing I think we can all agree on is that there is indeed a Fake News Problem. In fact, the safest way to approach any information now is to assume it’s Fake, read it, verify it against other information and assume that there is always a different side to the story which you may not yet know.

Governments attempting to control public opinion is nothing new and has been going on for centuries, those in power will always seek to retain that power and build on it any way they can. The Internet has provided the perfect platform for these entities to do as such, however, we must remember that while the internet is a great tool for them to spread misinformation and propaganda, it is also equally as powerful for us to spread the truth, and quickly.

The reason we have seen the sudden increase in censorship across the Internet is that for a time we were winning the information war, this unsettled those holding the reigns of power and they have had to ramp up their game, shutting down those who explore alternative narratives and filtering out anything which threatens their dominance.

Its time to take the internet back, we urge you to begin exploring alternative platforms to browse the web. Instead of google try using search platforms like DuckDuckGo, who claim to produce organic and unbiased search algorithms, use social media platforms like, and content sharing platforms like LBRY. There are so many new platforms popping up in the fight against censorship to choose from, and if we begin supporting them they can develop into genuine alternatives for the likes of Facebook, Google and Youtube.

Make a stand now, before its to late.


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