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Is a Fake Rebellion Better Than No Rebellion?

Is a Fake Rebellion Better Than No Rebellion?

You may or may not of read our recent article entitled Extinction Rebellion – Protesting For Your Own Enslavement where we took a look at the latest fake protest group to sweep the World and the deceptive roots from which it has grown, well this is what this question is in reference too.

Many of those jumping on the defence of Extinction Rebellion are using the argument that it doesn’t matter if some of the Science is wrong, it doesn’t matter if some of those behind the rebellion are disingenuous, what matters is it’s getting large numbers of people together to protest against the ‘Establishment’. Do they have a point?

I wish they did, but no they don’t. In fact i’d go as far to say this rebellion is damaging to the activist movement, which might I add is one of the agendas behind these types of fake protest movements. The problem is, the methods they use and the mentality of people it attracts are rarely open minded, free thinking and intelligent people – the general (though not without exception) majority of people following this ridiculous rebellion are virtue signalling middle-class folk who love to jump on the latest high profile activism bandwagon anytime it comes rolling by.

Through civil disobedience, which only ever seems to cause inconvenience to the common man and woman trying to go about their day, rather than the corporations they claim to be protesting against and through a list of ridiculous goals backed by no science, pushed by people that cannot even seem to agree on the fake science that backs them they discredit real activism and genuine activists.

But, not only that the Extinction Rebellion is a protest against Governments of the World to enforce further restrictions on its people, people are literally uniting under one flag for their own enslavement.

So apologies for pessimistic, sceptical and undoubtedly unpopular opinion but the facts are what they are and to arrive at any other conclusion and thus opinion would raise my sanity into question.

In a future article we will be looking at some positive activism movements already out there and how to start news ones. See, it’s not all bad news!

We’ll leave you with another Windows on the World latest podcast:


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No rebellion would certainly be better than this extinction nonsense!


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