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Monsanto dicamba banned in two states

Monsanto’s Weed Killer Dicamba Now Banned In Two States

Earlier this year we reported on Dicamba and how it is producing superweeds and destroying the Environment:

Jason Norsworthy, a weed expert at the University of Arkansas, recently conducted a study to test how quickly pigweed — the main weed of concern in soybean fields — develops resistance to dicamba. He found that after just three generations of heavy dicamba exposure, pigweeds were no longer susceptible to the herbicide. With increased use of dicamba on Monsanto’s GE crops, a new generation of superweeds is just around the corner.

And of course, as with just about all of Monsanto’s products, it has close links to causing cancer:

Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant soybean and cotton crops are also engineered to withstand applications of glyphosate, which means that this recent approval of XtendiMax will exacerbate the current overuse of that chemical as well. Dicamba is linked to increased rates of cancer in farmers and birth defects, while glyphosate was recently classified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

Dicamba | Just Another Monsanto Cancer Causing Pesticide

Two states ban dicamba for ‘drifting’

Two states across the US have now banned the use of Dicamba because it is drifting and damaging crops.  Reuters reports:

Missouri joined Arkansas on Friday in banning the use and sale of the weed killer dicamba after a rise in complaints that the agricultural chemical is drifting into neighboring fields and damaging crops, the states agriculture departments said on Friday.

Dicamba use and complaints about its use have spiked in the past two years in the United States. More farmers are spraying it to control hard-to-kill weeds in fields planted with crops bioengineered to survive the chemical, which is produced by Monsanto Co, Germany’s BASF and others.

“Based on feedback and research, the Department of Agriculture is going to hit the pause button on all dicamba products,” Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn said in a statement.

Despite Monsanto’s record profits over the last year they have come under increasing scrutiny of late, California has just recently ruled that all Glyphosate products must be labelled as ‘Cancer Causing’:

California Wins Right To Label Monsanto Roundup With Cancer Warning

We have also heard from Dr Mason how Monsanto used South Wales, UK as a Chemical dumping ground for it’s deadly waste:

Monsanto And UK Collude And Use Wales As Toxic Dumping Ground

May Monsanto’s constant struggle continue, we await their demise.

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