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Bill Gates-Funded Chemical Cloud to help ‘Climate Change’ Could End in Disaster

Everyone’s favourite philanthropist and billionaire, Bill Gates has put his money behind a new project which aims to stop global warming.

According to Andy Parker the project director at the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative

“Modeling studies have found that it could reduce the intensity of heat waves, for instance, apparently it could reduce the rate of sea level rise. It could reduce the intensity of tropical storms,”

The project is almost ready to be put into action and its very affordable, particularly when you Mr Bill Gates wallet to dip into – there is a downside though, it could cause irreversible weather patterns and eradicate blue sky, forever. Yes, I know – a minor detail I hear you scream!

These consequences might be horrific. They might involve things like mass famine, mass flooding, drought of kinds that will affect very large populations,” said Stephen Gardiner, the author of A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change.”

Simply put, this project would involve thousands upon thousands of jets flying around the World spraying chemicals into the atmosphere. I think that is all we need to know.

Ask yourself this, is potentially creating devastating and irreversible changes to the environment in the hope it will reduce the earth’s temperature the best way to go forward at this point?

Further reading: CNBC


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