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The Truth About State Funded Education

The education system is designed to ensure the next generation, our children, receive the knowledge and skills required to live their lives to their full potential, right?

Wrong. In fact the education system here in the West is not designed to benefit the individuals which receive it at all, it is to create a herd of workers that can benefit the society makers, the elite.

This may sound like some far of conspiracy theory, however it is in fact openly admitted and documented as being the primary reason for creating the schooling system here in the West.

The following is taken from a book entitled ‘Principles of Secondary Education’ by Alexander Inglis, the book was published in 1918 and set much of the foundation we see today in our schooling systems in the Western World. Alexander Inglis was a Harvard University professor and was so revered for his work that Harvard University even named an important lecture made in 1933 after him. These three points are what Inglis believes should be the primary core functions of the secondary school system:

(1) The preparation of the individual as a prospective citizen and cooperating member of society the Social-Civic Aim;

(2) The preparation of the individual as a prospective worker and producer the Economic-Vocational Aim;

(3) The preparation of the individual for those activities which, while primarily involving individual action, the utilization of leisure, and the development of personality, are of great importance to society the Individualistic-Avocational Aim.

So in a nutshell what Inglis is saying is that the Schooling systems primary aim is to produce ‘like minded’ ‘workers and producer’ who will easily slip into society and join the herd. There is no mention of creating free-thinking individuals who have the ability to think for themselves, question already established belief systems and thrive for knowledge, in fact it is clear that schools were always intended to do what they are doing today, creating workers which can keep their machine known commonly as society, running.

We highly recommend John Le Bon’s Youtube Channel, he has some extremely interesting video’s to help promote critical thinking. Please take the time to watch the video below  from John as he explains and details this subject far better than us.

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