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English School Children among world’s unhappiest

Schoolchildren in England are among the unhappiest in the world, with over a third of students aged 10 to 12 admitting to being physically bullied in the past month, a new study has found.

Source: English schoolkids among world’s unhappiest – study — RT UK


Are we surprised children in the UK are unhappy? If you consider the pressure of fitting in, the pressure of not being the odd one out, the stress of being made to look a fool because you learn differently to other Children.

School can be the most miserable time in a persons life, even if you conform to the majorities idea of normal, happiness is not the result.

Then consider the health of most of these Children, eating processed foods, carcinogenic sweets from the local shop, fizzy drinks, injected with multiple vaccines,  mind numbing you-tube & television.

Social media also plays a large part in a child’s life now, when I was at school if you were having a hard time with some of the other children you could at least escape it once at home – Social media has put an end to this luxury.

Finally, have you seen schools these days?

It’s very hard to distinguish the difference between a prison & School – With high 10ft fences around just about all schools now, locked gates, just lacking the jump suits. Rules have also become very strict in Schools, there was a time not so long ago when you could play truant with your friends and not be expelled – these memories of school are the best I have. There is no freedom for Children to establish who they are, what they are, who everyone else is. Children are unable to be children, they are forced into a training camp intended on ensuring each child is ready for the slavery of adult society.

Children need to be allowed to think freely, live freely, only then will we have a generation of children who are happy and thus change the World!


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