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Quit Moaning About Billionaires and Stop Giving Them Your Money!

The current trend among liberals and the left political spectrum is to blame all the problems of the World on Billionaires. They tend to be under some illusion that voting for their lefty-swinging political leader, whether that be the UK’s current running Jeremy Corbyn or in the case of the US, Bernie Sanders – both promise to go after the billionaires, both blame much of the poverty on the Billionaires.

While it’s true that the Government is largely responsible for assisting certain billionaires reaching such status and remaining as such, this is not always the case. Also, it is worth noting that even when the Government has nurtured certain individuals into unprecedented wealth, it wouldn’t of worked without one vital ingredient – Your Money!

King of the Jungle – Amazon

The richest man in the World is currently Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of the Worlds biggest online marketplace – Amazon.

Jeff Bezos has an estimated wealth of around $111 billion, his Company Amazon is currently bringing in a profit of around $10 Billion per year and climbing exponentially year upon year. So how does a relatively small business venture which started just selling hard to find books grow into such a beast? Was it the fault of the Government? Were people being forced to purchase goods from his platform?

No, the blame for his continual success can be blamed entirely on us, the customers. While the Government do fail to fairly tax Amazon and another multi-billion dollar corporations, they would still be billion-dollar companies nevertheless. Jeff Bezos is wealthy because he produced a marketplace that people snapped up. Today every second Amazon sells to us, the people $4722 in products, that’s over a quarter of a million dollars a second and more than $17 million per day.

If Amazon and its CEO’s ridiculous wealth offends you then stop purchasing their products, stop the convenience it offers you and look elsewhere. More importantly if your not willing to make these changes quit the continual whining about Billionaires, because it’s us that make it possible.


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