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Prince Charles Misused Influence to Protect Cleric in Abuse Investigation

Prince Charles once again appears to be ‘deceived’ as he likes to call it by notorious abusers. Charles either has a very poor judge of character or – well, we’ll leave the alternative up to you to decide.

‘Prince Charles misused his influence to shield Peter Ball, a former Anglican bishop and old friend, from punishment after the cleric had admitted sexually abusing a young novice, an independent inquiry found this week.’ [Source]

Former Bishop Peter Ball abused a string of boys and men while they were under his guidance. he was finally convicted following the suicide of one of his victims in 2012:

Mr. Ball was eventually arrested as a result of a complaint by Neil Todd, who began to visit Mr. Ball at the age of 17, and became fearful when the bishop began speaking of beating or whipping him as part of their religious practice. Mr. Todd attempted suicide at age 19, and subsequently made reports of Mr. Ball’s behavior. Mr. Todd killed himself in 2012, days before the case was officially reopened. [Source]

Prince Charles had been supportive of Ball’s innocence and in correspondence to Mr. Ball said: “I wish I could do more” and that “I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated. It’s appalling that the archbishop has gone back on what he told me, before Xmas, that he was hoping to restore you to some kind of ministry in the church. I suspect you are absolutely right — it is due to fear of the media.”

Charles as downplayed the correspondence as “Being the polite thing to do”, however, investigators noted that the prince’s private secretary had made inquiries about Mr. Ball’s reinstatement with a top aide to the archbishop of Canterbury.

The Royal Family it seems is never more than one step away from a Paedophile or prolific abuser, whether its Prince Andrew and his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffery Epstein or Prince Charles and his friendship with the Worlds most notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile and lets not forget Prince Phillips close friendship with Lord Mountbatten who has been linked to the Kincora child abuse ring. The connections don’t end here, but these connections alone surely should be raising some eyebrows

Further reading: New York Times

Prince Charles with Jimmy Savile
Prince Andrew with Jeffery Epstein
Prince Phillip with Lord MountbattenPrince Phillip with


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