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The Child Abuse Cover Up - A Police Whistleblower Speaks

The Child Abuse Cover Up – A Police Whistleblower Speaks

Police whistleblower, Detective Constable John Wedger tells how the Met Police treat sexually abused children in London.

They do it by not investigating child prostitution and child sexual abuse. They do it by protecting child traffickers and  and bullying and sacking those Police Officers who do want to protect children and prosecute abusers.  An eye opening police conspiracy which leaves children to be exploited by organised criminals inside and outside the police force.  NSPCC also come in for criticism for only providing one case known to the Detective from their childline.

Freemasonry  and organised crime is involved in conspiracy with Politicians and senior people in positions of power.Justice Denied

This is not an isolated incident, where there is authority and power over others corruption and sickening behaviour is rife. This is true throughout history. The further up the power structure you go the darker it gets. Through secret societies and blackmail within the ranks a World of disgusting perversion and dark acts is thriving.

In a courageous and explosive audio interview with UK Column “Despatches from the Front”, Detective Constable John Wedger, a Metropolitan Police child protection specialist, takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK. He exposes the lies, threats and intimidation used by the police, Local Authorities, Social Services, Politicians, Charities and others to protect Establishment figures and Westminster.

This criminal conspiracy seeks to deceive the public and stop the truth emerging in every possible way.

Young children taken from care, stolen, picked up on the street, groomed for sex, drugged, sickened with serious disease, or dying in the gutter are shown to be the worthless play things of powerful people – the same people who run Britain, and the very authorities supposedly protecting families, society and the weak and vulnerable.

John Wedger’s courage deserves that everyone listening to his testimony circulates it and demands action.

A Britain run by those who protect child abusers and murders is shown to be the sickening reality, but a far danger future lurks beneath the surface as this criminal British State, unchecked, grabs yet more power over families and children by the day.

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