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UNCOVERED – Assange & WikiLeaks a Covert Intelligence Operation


WARNING: To many, Assange is a demigod and WikiLeaks a religion. Like anything religious, people are not able to admit they may be following something false, designed to control their minds and therefore will fight to the death to keep their illusion alive.

This post and documentary, will surely upset these religious types who will ignore and rubbish any facts presented to them.

Combine this with the CIA paid trolls who will also be out in force, and we expect to see some fiery and often naive reactions in the comments section.

Evidence presented in this new and groundbreaking documentary, convincingly details how Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are a covert deep-state intelligence operation.

According to research, Assange is possibly an MKUltra child from the CIA’s Monarch program.

Early footage of Assange in the MKUltra cult was shown on Australia’s 9 News Current Affairs program.

The program states the following:

Calls for compensation for the children of notorious cult, The Family, whose childhood was marred by daily abuse. Tonight, it’s former guru lies on her deathbed. Despite the efforts of police, she was never held accountable for the pain she inflicted on the children of the sinister sect.

Assange Cult

Is Julian Assange really being held in the Ecuadorian embassy, or are the police guarding it to prevent anyone finding out he isn’t?

Why no leaks about UFO’s? Why no leaks about 9/11? Why do so many critical leaks never materialise?

Watch The RichPlanet Documentary Below


Our full article is on the Steemit link below, which includes images of Assange in the MKUltra cult, nicknamed, “The Family“. You’ll see all shocking evidence there, so make sure you read the full article before making up your mind.

Read full story and watch the 4 part documentary on our Steemit page

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Julian Assange = pedophile protector. — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkhqMbY5e9w


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