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Silent Epidemic | The Untold Story of Vaccines Documentary

A factual science based review and evaluation of vaccines and their impact on our health. Experts detail how fraught the widespread use of vaccines is for our current and future generations.

This documentary is several years old now but is as relevant today as it has ever been. With what we know now regarding the CDC cover up surrounding the links found between the MMR vaccination and Autism, its time we all questioned exactly what we are putting into our own bodies, but more importantly our children’s bodies.

With more and more areas of the World making Vaccines mandatory for children it is clear people are beginning to question the efficacy of Vaccines, the drop in Vaccine uptake has caused radical, unprecedented action by Government and state authorities.

Why resort to enforcement of vaccines rather than rational debate?

Well, because the debate cannot be won as people cannot be convinced by medical institutions who whore themselves to the pharmaceutical giants.

Mandatory Child Vaccinations – Europe Ramps Up Pressure

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There have been raised concerns over the MMR vaccines for many years, most vaccine enthusiasts will claim there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that injecting combined vaccines into a child is any more dangerous than if injected in separate shots, they will then generally go on to say all this was scaremongering by the discredited criminal Doctor Andrew Wakefield.

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