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Full Documentary | My Truth – The Rape of Two Coreys

Corey Feldman delivers on his promise to name Corey Haim’s abuser in a surprisingly entertaining and well made expose on child predators in Hollywood.


Some have painted Corey Feldman to be an unreliable narrator in the recent past, with many believing that he has made up some outlandish stories. He claims to have been stabbed, almost run over, and that he needs security 24/7. His new movie goes onto seemingly prove some of these allegations. It’s tough material, but Feldman brings a lot of heart and humor to the proceedings, and what we’re left with is at first a quintessential look at 80s pop culture that shifts into an eye-opening expose on child abuse and sexual misconduct that continues to run rampant in the entertainment industry today.

With the movie, Corey Feldman promised to reveal several big names, outing one individual as the person who raped Corey Haim on the set of the movie Lucas back in 1985. It has been one of the selling points of the documentary. For Feldfam members and Corey Haim enthusiasts, the ultimate answer to the question is well known. Outsiders looking in may need to prepare for several big shocks. But the way it’s laid out in the movie is never salacious or unnecessary, it doesn’t create controversy for the sake of it.


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