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Extinction Rebellion Last Chance to Save the World….Yawn

In this Documentary, the BBC takes a look at the notorious Extinction Rebellion protest group. While the Documentary appears to be slightly sceptical at times of the methods the group uses they fail to uncover the most important issues surrounding XR.

Firstly there is no attempt to look at the dozens of false claims the protest group use to justify their protests, the science appears to never come in to question.

But aside from the groups lack of knowledge on the topic of climate change they also fail to look at how this group origins are based around exceptionally suspicious circumstances by exceptionally questionable individuals.

Please if you haven’t already, check out our earlier article on Extinction Rebellion where we take a look at the Group, its founders, its covert motivations and the manufacturing of Greta Thunberg.

We have no doubt that the majority of the protestors are doing what they do for what they believe to be a genuinely worthwhile cause, but what they fail to understand, primarily due to their age is the very future they are trying to protect is slowly being etched away into oblivion by their own actions.


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