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Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer Bought Auschwitz Camp Prisoners To Experiment On

It never ceases to amaze me how the majority of the population still struggle to accept that maybe, just maybe, the Pharmaceutical industry does not have the best interests of humanity in mind.

In the days of World War II and Nazi Germany Bayer was known as IG Farben.

The following is taken from,  it clearly explains the dark history behind now named Pharmaceutical giant Bayer:

Auschwitz was much more than a concentration camp. It was also the setting for IG Auschwitz, a 100 percent subsidiary of IG Farben. It was the largest complex in the world manufacturing gasoline and rubber.

It was also where IG Farben tested its products. Prisoners who were considered appropriate candidates were sent to the IG Auschwitz factory. There they were used for human experiments of new vaccines being developed. The unlucky individuals sent to the gas chambers were privy to another kind of IG Farben invention – the synthetic gas Zyklon-B.

The IG Auschwitz factory was not the only place where human testing was being conducted on victims. IG Farben had its own concentration camp. There, tested vaccines and chemicals were applied to both sick and healthy individuals, in the form of injections, pills, enemas and powders. Many fell seriously ill or died as a result of these tests.

Bayer bought many of these prisoners from the Auschwitz camp. Letters have been found written between the two organisations regarding the buying of 150 inmates, who were to be used for the testing of a new sleeping pill. The women were bought at 170 RM (Reichsmark) each, and records show they were in a satisfactory condition, despite being emaciated.

Later, follow-up messages indicate all prisoners died, and they required to buy a further shipment.

An Auschwitz resident testimonial states there was a large ward where all tuberculous patients were kept. Bayer sent unmarked medicines to this ward. These were injected into the test subjects, causing them all to die.

IG Farben’s other branches dealing with pharmaceuticals conducted experiments too, including typhus fever. They were not successful. It was decided the tests were invalid, as the subjects tested were in poor condition, and the laboratories provided were not ideal.

This total disregard for human life is typical of the Pharmaceutical Industry. GlaxoSmithKline, another one of the big players in the Pharmaceutical Industry have been accused of performing secret trials on children in Irish state-run homes between 1930 – 1936:

The trials, which were for a diphtheria vaccine, were conducted before the vaccine was made available for used in the UK.

After spending three years sorting through more than 25,000 medical journals Mr Dwyer found data in only six reports, but from these he was able to establish that 2,051 children and babies in residential care homes had been vaccinated.

The trials were held between 1930 and 1936.

Children in Bessborough, Co Cork and Sean Ross Abby in Roscrea, Co Tipperary were secretly tested.

“What I have found is just the tip of a very large and submerged iceberg” Mr Dwyer told The Mail.

Bayer were not the only Company to assist in the Holocaust, Abby Martin tells us the  other major Corporations which are responsible for these atrocities:


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