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What Has Happened To Ben Swann Following His #Pizzagate ‘Reality Check’?

What Has Happened To Ben Swann Following His #Pizzagate ‘Reality Check’?

Update 14/02/2017:

According to the YouTuber Wolfbitn Jewell, Ben Swann is back doing his usual anchor at CBS46 on weekdays:

We have yet to be able to confirm if this is true, but it seems legitimate and we have also found footage allegedly recorded on the 1st Feb 2017 at CBS56 studios with Swann reporting on President Trump nominating Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Because most of Swann’s content has been removed from the Internet over the last few weeks you may be glad to know a forward thinking Reddit User Saucetweet downloaded much of his content and placed it on Google Drive – You can access the videos [HERE] 

Also, a Youtube Channel titled Ben Swann Lives On has been setup with many videos [HERE]

Update 07/02/2017:

The CBS46 News channel has now removed all of Ben Swann’s ‘Reality Check’ Videos. Most of Google’s search engine results for the program on CBS46 have also been removed, the only remaining search results for the program are broken links.

As we previously reported his Youtube Channel has been taken offline, his Twitter account is now also closed, his Facebook account has been closed and his truthinmedia.com page is down.

Ben Swann’s Journalism legacy has been eradicated from the Internet into oblivion.

If we ever needed a reason to accept that the #pizzagate conspiracy may have had an element of truth this is surely it – never before have we seen such a quick and clean removal of a Journalists work and social media accounts. Don’t believe for a second this is all some bizarre coincidence, this is a ‘Clean up operation’ also known as ‘Damage Control’

Still no word from Swann and when it comes we expect it to be the contrived words of another – most likely he will now be working for the other team so-to-speak. The alternative is that we never hear from Swann again and the winds of time blow away any evidence that his work ever existed.

We have put the now infamous episode of ‘Reality Check’ back up on Youtube for your reference:

The last we heard from Swann was in a tweet on January 27th, 2017, the message has since been removed along with his twitter account:

Heading back to CBS46 Monday but going to be changes. Biggest one, this page will go dark Tzuday, Feb 1. Those who know me, trust me. 

— Ben Swann (@BenSwann_) January 27, 2017

The statement on his Twitter account caused a stir on social media, with people quite rightly pointing out that Feb 1st, is in fact, a Wednesday and not a Tuesday. Speculation over the reason for the ‘Tzuday’ spelling is also doing the rounds with many people believing it’s some kind of cryptic message.

It’s also worth noting that his crowd funded ISIS investigation was also cancelled since the Pizzagate video was released, the following statement was made on his social media accounts:

TY everyone who contributed to ISIS video crowdfund. Unfortunately Not moving forward w/project. EVERYONE WILL BE REFUNDED FULL DONATION.

#Pizzagate | Alex Jones Sells His Soul (and His Narrative) To The Devil

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Dorothy M Neddermeyer

Olivia Pope needs to take on this investigation. Where is the REAL Olivia Pope.

Christine Winnan

I have no previous connection to this site but it sounds to me as if something of big importance came up that he has to look into