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#Pizzagate | Is It All Really ‘Fake News’ ?

Unless you live in the North Pole you will of heard of #Pizzagate, we haven’t covered the story although we were in on the Reddit thread which started all this off in the first place.

Our main reasons for not reporting on this was due to lack of quality information, so much speculation, much of which was nonsense. It’s highly likely a large proportion of the ridiculous information was intentionally put in place to discredit any information which may be factual. For this reason, we have been merely spectating and awaiting further information on the subject.

However, all that aside, the main point to take home with Pizzagate is not whether it’s true or false in this particular case, but that everything being accused does happen and much worse and more often than most would believe.

Child sex trafficking rings exist. The rich and powerful historically have had children for their own desires for centuries, in the past, it was accepted as is, but in the modern age such activities have become rightfully so frowned upon and so the Elite have to resort to secrecy.

As for Pizzagate, well clearly there is significant information to investigate ‘Ping Pong Pizza’ and its owner James Alefantis.

In the above video Ben Swann looks at the case with an open, rational mind and comes to the same conclusion as many, there is a significant cause for concern and an investigation is warranted.

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