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Direct Order | Soldiers Ordered to Take Anthrax Vax That Caused Brain Damage

DIRECT ORDER” An Award-Winning Documentary Tells the Story of Members of the Military who were Ordered Against their Will to Take the Controversial Anthrax Vaccine.

Federal regulators approved a plan by biotechnology company, VaxGen to test its experimental anthrax vaccine on about 100 people.

The human volunteers were injected with the experimental vaccine to see if it’s safe and produces the desired immune response.

VaxGen was awarded a $13.6 million federal contract to begin work on the anthrax vaccine. The company is applied for two more anthrax vaccine contracts. The contracts were awarded for advanced testing and manufacturing of 25 million doses.

In the last few years, a number of published studies have linked anthrax vaccination to the development of Gulf War Syndrome, among them a study in the British medical journal the Lancet. Hundreds of soldiers have refused the shots after evidence emerged that the vaccinations are connected to a variety of illnesses.

But then the Bush administration went on the offensive. The Pentagon funded an Institute of Medicine study which concluded in March 2002 the anthrax vaccine is safe and effective against all anthrax strains and routes of infection. Its conclusions were based on unpublished research–also funded by the Pentagon.

The story doesn’t stop there. Bioport, the nation’s sole, licensed anthrax vaccine lab has repeatedly failed FDA inspections which found among other things, contamination.

I’d rather have caught a bullet from an AK 47 than gotten injected with this stuff. At least I would have known what my fate would have been.

The FDA cleared BioPort’s manufacturing plant to begin producing the vaccine again in January 2002–months after the letters containing anthrax were sent to Congress and news organizations. Bioport was also allowed to distribute the 500,000 doses of the vaccine already in stock. The vaccine was offered to some postal workers and others who were exposed. But most refused to take it.

Forgotten Victims Of War

The anthrax vaccine is mandatory for all military service members assigned to “high-risk” areas. At least part of the six-shot series, which takes a year and a half to administer, has been given to about 700,000 service members. It will be eventually administered to all 2.5 million service members.

Since 1998, when the vaccinations began, nearly 500 active-duty service-members have refused the vaccine, and more than 100 have been court-martialed. According to government figures, approximately 500 to 1,000 pilots and flight crew members have quit, resigned or transferred from the Air National Guard or reserves rather than take the vaccine.

Courtesy of Scott Miller and democracynow.org

Gulf War Veterans’ Medically Unexplained Illnesses

A prominent condition affecting Gulf War Veterans is a cluster of medically unexplained chronic symptoms that can include fatigue, headaches, joint pain, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, respiratory disorders, and memory problems.

VA refers to these illnesses as “chronic multisymptom illness” and “undiagnosed illnesses.” We prefer not to use the term “Gulf War Syndrome” when referring to medically unexplained symptoms reported by Gulf War Veterans. Why? Because symptoms vary widely.

Under long-standing VA rules, any undiagnosed illnesses used to establish eligibility for VA benefits by veterans of the Persian Gulf War must have become apparent by Dec. 31, 2011. The new deadline adds five years, extending it to Dec. 31, 2016.

The BBC recently reported the following:

BBC World News

Rusling, who lives in Hull and receives a forces disability pension, is in no doubt that his vaccinations caused his condition.

Rusling says his body has stopped producing human growth hormone and testosterone. He has injections and takes 24 tablets every day. He was diagnosed with narcolepsy last September.

“The MoD has a fear of litigation, so it has no interest in full research into what’s caused it. It’s not post-traumatic stress syndrome. If it was, why wouldn’t we have the same type of ill health levels after other wars, like the Falklands or after serving in Northern Ireland?

“By denying that something’s going on, the government’s behaving in a way that’s morally wrong. They’re not respecting the people who went to war for this country and continue to suffer.”

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  1. I was an E-in the Marines in 98-99 and was given the Anthrax vaccine. I have a terrible memory.

  2. Everyone forgets about the first anthrax vaccine given during Desert Storm. This vaccine isn’t in any medical records. When you ask about it no one knows what you are talking about. When we were given the vaccine, we were told you can now eat anthrax for breakfast and it won’t do anything to you.

    • I made them annotate it on my yellow record. Got in a shouting match with a full bird and told him to write it down or go fuck himself. I was a recall and had nothing to lose

      • I did as well in Nov of 1990. Got it on my vaccine card. Went I separated my card had disappeared right after my last Tdy

    • I remember I was a 91B I gave those shots.

    • Mine is in my records I found it

      • What is the name of the shot? I have a list of shots that I don’t know what they are. I was stationed in Giessen Germany during the 1st Gulf War. We were scheduled to go and had to take some shots in preparation but no one is talking about us suffering the same symptoms.

  3. Wow this is wild. Can somebody forward the following article to the soldiers who were featured in this video? http://thesupermandiet.com/josh-macin/

    While I am sure there are mysterious chemicals and toxins in the anthrax vaccine that are not in conventional vaccines, I am also sure that these soldiers are suffering from heavy metal poisoning. Thiomersal is a binding agent made of aluminum and mercury that is injected directly into our bloodstreams. I suffered from life threatening guillian-barre when I was five years old as a result of a flu vaccine. I also had severe mercury poisoning that I almost lost my life to. These symptoms that these soldiers speak of are ALL mercury and aluminum poisoning symptoms. These soldiers all need a heavy metal detox program. Many blessings to all. – Josh

    • There was also Squalene in the Anthrax Vaccine that alone damaged a lot of us

      • Yep… I had my first series in 1999. Honestly, I thought my joint pain and leg cramps were from doing too much running on asfault… so I blew it off for 5 years. It was the 6th shot in late 2004 that did me in – weight loss, fatgue, messed up stomach, 8 months of low grade fever (99.9 to 100.1), a period that lasted just over 2 1/2 months, leg and foot cramps – to this day I cannot take a hot bath with out a melodramatic cramping event, just showers for me 🙁 – sudden food allergies that caused multiple (10+ ) anaphylaxis over a 3 year stretch (still have the allergies, just better at avoiding those foods now).. and a few more, I’m tired of writing the list. Honestly, it felt like I had this metal rod through the center of my body… and someone reached in and gave it a hard shake.

        Only in 2005, when all hell broke loose, did I realize that the fatigue and body pain I had been fighting was due to the first 5 shots, begining in Jan 99 I had 2 from lot FAV 30 and one from 31. The last was FAV 86. 11 years after that last shot… well, it’s been a struggle. I’m not as bad off as some, but worse off than most.
        However, since I served in Kuwait in ’99… the VA didn’t diagnose me with anything related to the vaccine. Just pat me on the head, called it Fybromyalgia and sent me on my way.

  4. Jim, I am sorry to here this. This is sick!! Heavy aluminum poisoning affects the memory. Causes dimentia. Yhere are ways to detox your body of these kinds heavy metals. I am praying for all affected and that they find there way to a solution. I believe that there are ways to help your body heal itself. God Bless and Healing to All!!!

  5. Absolutely Atrocious Barbaric Cruel Demonic Evil Inhumane ( sickening ) MERCY Father Your People & Animals Mercy Amen ♡ Rebuke the suffering ♡ Agape Peace Love Hope ♡ Hallelujah ♡《♡》

  6. I was in the Marines from 1995-1999 and also in the Army from 2000-2003 I had all 6 shots of the Anthrax Vaccine. Within 24 hrs of my first shot I had my first Migraine Headache. By the time the 6th shot was given I had Cerebral Atrophy, Full Body Rashes, Degenerative Joints, Cognitive Issues, Memory Loss. When I got out I reported it to the VA and they said that my Medical problems were not related to the vaccine so I began fighting and am still fighting to this day. Once I left the Service Reps (VFW, AMVETS, American Legion Ect) I got myself a Lawyer that deals with VA cases and well it has finally happened I have won against the VA I was 50% Disabled now I am waiting for the bureaucrats to decide how much of a rating I will receive and how far back they will back date my award. The reason I say I am still fighting them is I should be 100% but I can almost guarantee you they will maybe give me 80% at that time I will appeal again.. Something else I found out over the years there is a GAG Order this order comes down from the White House and was started by Clinton and has been renewed by each President that has succeeded him. The VA Dr.s are not allowed to even mention Anthrax Vaccine, I have also been trying to find the waiver form we had to fill out just prior to getting the Mandatory Vaccine but they never made it to our records..After having these Debilitating Migraines since 1997 my VA Neurologist has said I will have them for the rest of my life and yes I am now on SSDI and can’t work anymore..Here is an organization that was able to help me out when I first got started fighting for benefits pertaining to the Anthrax Vaccine… http://www.protectingourguardians.org

  7. I was in the Army, infantry, was given 3 shots 06-07 and honestly am doing fine. I don’t know why… This documentary freaked me out but, I have no symptoms like the above stated.

  8. Research has found that seaweed helps extract heavy metals and may help detox the body. It is fucoidsn that is in the seaweed.

  9. I complained about side effects for years. Had the first 6 shots from ’98-’99 and then a yearly booster from 2000-2002! Medically retired in 2014 when my body finally gave up but I knew this was causing some issues & would always get the “you don’t know anything/it’s safe” crap. Finally gained enough rank and influence to tell’em I’m done with the shots. Disgusting the way we’re used as guinea pigs.

  10. I was forced the whole series while i was in the army, 2004-2015. This on top of the now controversial malaria pills, iys no wonder my brain and memory are so messed up. Oh well the VA will find that theae issues I have are not service related.

  11. Army retired vet….
    I was giving the first shit minutes after being told i was not suppose to get it because I am allergic to latex. They gave it to me anyways & i went completely limp and numb on the right side of my body…. Couldnt even hold the pen to sign that i got after walking just a 100ft.

  12. I’m sure the vaccine may have affected some soldiers, I’m not sure I can relate; at least not yet maybe? I received the Anthrax vaccine back in 2006 before deploying to Iraq. I received the full course of it (6) shots all together over a period of time if I remember correctly, but I am fine, and have been fine. My wife is also ok after getting the vaccine in 2006 as well. I’m not trying to downplay this, but I think I’m fine as well as my wife and many other fellow vets too. Are their symptoms, or signs I should be aware of just in case?

    • I got my shots in 99′ while I was in the Marines. It had no effect on me at all. I have really bad short term memory loss now days. I don’t know if it’s from the anthrax shots or not 17 years later

  13. I was givin it in 06 i was told not to touch it and not to let my new born baby around it my memory is extremely horrible and every time I see my mental health doc they say it bc the ptsd and the tbi that i suffor from ive always told my wife that i dont think thats whats causing the memory loss and constant headache

  14. I love how they say it’s a 6 shot series. I have been getting anthrax shots since my first deployment in 2001 through the last in 2008. I’ve had 9-10 total. After the initial 6 shots, they say you need a periodic booster for it to remain effective.

    Between the Anthrax vaccinations, malaria pills, toxins leaking back in the water bottles while they cooked in the sun, micro organisms and heavy metals that are supposedly in the sand and the burn pits that cooked day and night over every FOB and outpost… getting old sounds like it’s going to be a blast for all of us Iraq and Afghanistan Vets.

  15. Well shit… I wonder if this is why I passed 2 months ago when they can’t find anything wrong with me? And proof it wasn’t a seizure? Now my body will go numb with it warning…

  16. OK I served from 1984-2011 deployed to OIF II 2004, after returning I ve never had my full strength,, some kind of athropy, weakness.. I don t know in my career how many immunnizations i have recvd… i was diagnosed with CFS Chronic fatigue syndrome, the current Gulf war syndrome…your FOB or AOR has to be on some kind of burn pit/exposure list….put it in as service connection, I TRULY feel that yes the shots Have a contributing factor.. Good luck, thank each one for your service…….

  17. I had a stroke a after the vaccine.

  18. So, since I got the entire series and two boosters, I am screwed.

  19. Kenneth Kisamore

    I hated having to take those darn shots. Then they made me take multiple of the same Anthrax shots & I know darn well that crap couldn’t be healthy for anybody that’s for sure.

  20. Is there any real proof that taking the anthrax vaccine causes brain injuries ? Because I am an MS patient and I wander if I can attribute the taking of Anthrax vaccine would cause MS?

    • I have MS and I’ve been told live bacteria in shots target your nervous system. So for example get the flu shot vs the nasal spray. So that highly possible.

  21. I was given the vaccine in 2002 and roughly 6 months later was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

  22. I got out in 2004…stationed at MARBKS..we got a couple shots in the series and them they stopped administration of the vaccine. I had horible migraines consistantly for about 5 years after I got out…my wife would have to drive me to the doctor in order to get an IM injection just to stop the migraine. No mention of Anthrax vaccination in my med records.

  23. I have had 5 of them n my memory sucks

  24. I’ve been in the full time air guard since 1991 after 5 years in the regulars. Unlike the story says, there was no escaping the anthrax batteries if you were deploying or were in a deployable position. I got the shots in 2000 , prior to deploying to the middle east. I’ve just been living with the strange headaches, my once steel trap memory has gotten bad enough it worries me, I catch myself spacing out a lot and my eyesight and light sensitivity has gotten worse. It could just be because I am getting older but after reading this I wonder. The strange headaches started fairly soon after the anthrax shots but I never connected the possible dots……

  25. Same issues with migraines. I truly believe the only reason my didn’t worsen was because I became pregnant and stopped the shots. My son was born with severe medical issues and pasted away at age 7. I was told that I couldn’t fight it or take legal action because I signed a waiver.

  26. Defense contractors who deployed with the military were also forced to take Anthrax vaccinations.

  27. Nichoel Burdge-Bailey

    Omg. I thought I’ve been going crazy this whole time. I received all 6 back un 2003 before my Iraq deployment. Everyday I go crazy when someone tells me, “Dont your remeber this?” or “How can you not remember we just talked about it” Im almost in tears right now wondering what i should do and knowing it isn’t just me, and I’m not going crazy. buybwhat do wr do about it?

  28. One or two months after vaccination at Pre Mob training was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Now type 1. No one wants to admit any link.

    • I was in the 75th Ranger Regiment from 04 to 06. I got 9 vaccines before my first deployment in March of 04. I got 7 more before my 2nd deployment in September 04. Came home in December 04, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at Army Ranger School in July 05. Lost 39lbs of muscle mass in just a few weeks.
      20% disability rating.
      I’ve been hospitalized 15 times since July 2005.

  29. I think it’s a very dangerous thing their doing to our soldiers. My husband also was part of this experiment before they went to Afghanistan. He said they let one guy go home on R&R instead of him being quarantined for X amount of days and he ended up exposing his wife and kids as a result. Hopkins

  30. I got the entire series to include the pills in the first gulf war, the only thing that is wrong with me is the PTSD, ANXIETY, some memery loss, but thats from the 2 head trama i had while i was active…

    • Oh the “good old” bromim pills that they wouldn’t document that we was forced to take. That only worked against the nerve agent Iraq didn’t normaly use. and inhanced the effects of the type Iraq had and used on Iran.

  31. Was given this in 2003. Had no idea was just told to get in line and get a bunch of shots. I remember anthrax and smallpox were 2 of them. Wasn’t even told about the smallpox scar. Now possible brain issues

  32. I got the whole set of shots times 2 from time I was in 3 ID and had break in time so it wad started over 2 times and then the “booster shot” every year. On last deployment (2008-9) had large lump develop that stuck out from arm over 1/2 inch had removed they refused to let me have it and lied on documentation of it it was half as big as a golf ball and had what looked like a tap root on it. Over 3 1/2 hours spent cutting out of me then they wrote it was a cist the size of a pea.

    • Holy crap bud, Same for me. I had to start the series over a few times due to getting rapid deployed and missing the scheduled secondary and third shots and so on. I had a large lump just like what you are talking about removed from my back. They wrote it off as a golf ball size cist. I never before thought of any possible link, but I was in a Socom unit and back in 1998. I started having severe joint pains in my Wrists. I was booted out medically for mid carpel instability of both wrists at the end of 2001. Arthritis set in very quickly everywhere too. When I was medically booted I had severe back pains all down my spine the most in the lowers series, my wrists ached bad, my neck is jacked I couldnt look up, my memory is shot but va said is ok, my heart is muffled and hard a lot again the va said hearing is perfectly fine, I have mood swings, severe migraines, all of my joints ache,,,,all this started back before I was booted, and is way worse now. I had sudden weight loss, lost 55lbs in a couple days time. I was 6’1 weighed 210 with only 8% body fat, I could run 5 miles at a 6 min pace in 1998. In 2001 when I was discharging I weighed 185, had no energy, I lost a ton of muscle. All of this–with out injury. I just woke up 1 morning in the barracks and started hurting. They threw 10% rating from Army and booted me. It’s been years and I am still fighting these va morons. For years now my wife has been saying it’s as if I was poisoned, I went to bed a lean muscle killing machine, I woke up the next day destroyed,,,been this way ever since and I still have no idea why…….tired of being treated like just another pissed off vet, I just want the medical I was promised to try to live some sort of life,,,cause not being able to work all these years had destroyed me. I have 3 college degrees and tons of certifications—-for nothing….grrrrrrrrr

      • Have you seen a Rheumatologist? I was medically discharged in 1999 with just about all your symptoms minus the wrist pain that I now have daily. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in late 2007 which they finally service connected in 2014 and made me 100 percent a few months back. It literally took the Rheumatologist 45 minutes to diagnose me what multiple doctors couldn’t do in 12 years. It’s funny because while deployed to Kuwait in 1998 we were forced to take the Anthrax vaccine. I was the first soldier to refuse the shot but ended up giving in after weeks of insults, being accused of trying to start a mutiny, and having everyone ordered to ostracize me. I had friends that had to whisper to me in the chow line just to see how I was holding up. It was funny though because when they started administering the vaccine CNN was there on Camp Doha and they made sure I was as far away as I could be so I wouldn’t make a scene. Once they said either take the shot or face UCMJ action we all knew something wasn’t right. Hopefully you get the diagnosis, treatment, and compensation you deserve.

  33. Me and my Battalion were administered the series in 2000 and I feel…..wait, what was I saying……but seriously, my memory has been getting worse every year and I’ve actually developed a quarter sized raised bump on the back top of my head and have no idea if it’s connected but I noticed it in 2001 and has been there ever since at the same size……any thoughts of another vet that may have the same issue?

  34. When 3rd ID was deployed to Iraq in ’02, we were all ordered to take the Anthrax vaccine series. We started before we left and continued throughout the deployment. The thing that always pissed me off was that the freaking medics could never keep track of their records. So, when the list came out with the names of those that had not taken the shots. Many Soldiers had to restart the shot series. I had to restart the shot series 3 times. I swear I had 6 doses in the first month that I was there. Medical records kept getting lost. I had a collapsed lung during that deployment. There is no record of it anywhere.How in the hell are any of those Soldiers going to be taken care of. I know that my memory sucks but I could never forget that. I have all of the problems that are mentioned in this article. Everything has been addressed in my disability claim EXCEPT for these two things because the records are incomplete.

    • Three things. I forgot about the Airborne Hazards Registry.

    • Guy the records never disappear, to me they wanted to know how much can you give! these vacs are not for anxtrax that is just a name… our children gets 28 shots of vacs buy the age of 2… this is diabolic because the new generation is fierce and they need to control it! Numb stupid people unable to think much is what they need.. scary

      try using chelation to remove metals at least

  35. When I told the doctor I couldn’t remember things they told me I have ptsd years later my memory is still bad

  36. My husband was forced to get the anthrax shots in 2000. When he refused they told him he wouldn’t be coming home till he took them. He had the whole series more than once. He suffers from memory loss, migraine headaches almost daily, fatigue, joint pain, and now has stomach issues.

  37. I was given the entire series of the vaccine from 2001-2008. I have terrible memory problems, respitory problems, major fatigue issues as well as other things. Now I wonder if it was from the vaccine.


  39. I had the whole series of anthrax shots while deployed to Saudi Arabia in 1998-99. I have a few of the symptoms mentioned. Is there really anything we can do?
    Thanks, Thom

  40. I have two friends that were in the military who have both had tumors in their brain. One passed away and the other is in critical condition as I’m typing. Both had complaints of serious headaches.

  41. I had the anthrax vaccine about 7 times/// they lost my paper work and gave me another 4 shots or so.

  42. Sgt. Lewis stewart

    Are you fucking serious? That’s why my short term memory went to hell? I was given it before we shipped to Iraq in 2009. I think it’s time to get my military shot records to see if it’s on there. Thank you or this arrival.

  43. I got my first series in 1998 and a total of seven with the boosters. I had no issues until that last booster. One doc called it a serum reaction to the vaccination and listed my symptoms as similar to having RA, MS, Lyme, and Lupus. Nice little package of problems, eh? A great book on this called “Vaccine-A” and is available but out of print. Specific lot numbers of the vaccine caused the most problems and my last two shots came from bad lots.

  44. 17 years later I am still messed up (70% disability) from the 4 shots out of the 5 shot series that I got. Auto immune syndrome, code for they still can’t figue out what’s wrong with me, chronic fatigue, painfull oozing skin rashes that cove 90% of the body, fun stuff like that to name a few.

  45. Michael A LaNasa

    I know I look all six shots. For me the went away over time fatigue, insomnia sucked who needs 8 hours of sleep right , respiratory disorders I remember having issue with that, and memory problems yea my short term sucks, anything before 2001 is crisp.

  46. I had all six shots before deploying to Afghanistan, also was exposed to burn pits and other nasty stuff. Also, had the unfortunate experience of working on aircraft exposed to Fukushima radiation. I am falling apart, just a matter of time before one of these exposures gets me.

    • use chelation therapy do not expose much to sun ray without protection drink a lot of greens, best veggie protein with moringa, start consuming gluthation the one the stomack acid does not break… good luck!!!

  47. My husband received his first shot in the hanger bay of his ship in 2000 and went into cardiac arrest. He was made to take the rest of the series (18 years of service at stake) away from his shipmates (witnesses) in medical. He would have sparadic blackouts after each dose but they subsided. Now, 16 years later, he has started having mini seizures and seeing several specialist who can’t find the cause.

  48. First, I am deeply hurt by all this amazing brave soldiers that gave their life for our nation and for some hidden agenda trials. You are heros and you will get better!m just follow my advise!

    What everyone seems to have are long/short term side effect… if you got sick after the shot if was the shot! looks like it compromised neurotransmitters, lowering Dopa, testosterone precursors, seratonin etc… and the inmune system. With all these problems anything can unleach, like memory lost, bone, brain, organ issue etc. The diabetic issues I see is a clear case of someone with strong immune system but it target their pancreas and I guarantee later the kidneys.

    I will not go into details because will be long but all vaccines contains mercury in some form as is a preservative. Along with all the toxins included which you dont know because you never saw the ingredient these vacs you took are very suspicious.

    As am Herbalist and Traditional Medicine practitioner not too old in the field but there are a few things you can do to help: please do not start taking over the counter stuff.

    Consult a professional for Chelation Therapy (must be intravenous)
    Consume vegan protein with moringa (nutri-blends.com has one with super greens, send email discount available for vets)
    Start taking Gluthation (generation rescue have the best, look in shop)
    Eliminate GMO, Artificial Color, do not drink Fluoridated water or food)
    If you are strong enough to take the Gerson Therapy go for it!

    I guarantee this will get you better

    please consult with your doctor in case you have a medical condition that any of the medication you may be taking causes a reaction.

    I feel so much for you guys, my son was damaged with a vaccine and I been recovering him since he was 3 years old. Now turning 9

    For memory lost to regain it after chelation contact me for brain food advise.

    [email protected]

    Hope you all feel better!

  49. [email protected] Driscoll

    I am very interested, I have had the whole series (6) and deployed to the desert region. 6 times.

  50. I worked for the military in Kuwait and Iraq from 2003 – 2005. I received this same set of anthrax vacinations from the military. I immediately fell Ill and knew immediately that it was a mistake after 3 shots I refused any more. To this day I suffer from this vaccine with pretty much every symptom listed on this page. Have tryed to get relief but the government has covered this mess up well. I feel the pains of any one suffering from this mess. There should be a class action lawsuit against the manufacturing company that poison us.

  51. No statistics have been kept on birth defects or infant mortality by female military members. I honestly believe they are quite high…especially when dual military, both parents were inoculated.

  52. I was deployed to Kuwait in 1999 and was given the anthrax shots. Just when my arm quit hurting it was time to get the next shot. Some of the people deployed with me had their arms swell so bad that they were sent home.

  53. In my 20+ years in the Army I was ;injected’ countless times. My body fell apart recently, No clue if the shots have anything to do with it or not… NFW I am going to mess with ANY VA…

  54. Any link to anthrax shots and diabetes ??

  55. served in the army at a base in maryland. got exposed to some nasty stuff. currently 100% service disabled because of it. ” unknown severe systemic disorder” is what it is called in MY record.

  56. I suffered from guillian-barre as a result of the anthrax vaccine. Couldn’t walk for 10 days and it took me several months to regain a normal gait. I’ve had neurological issues since. It also deemed me exempt from all live vaccines including flu. Not good.

  57. OMG….my husband served in the gulf and got out in 1992 omg he was diagnosed with PTSD. He got the anthrax vaccine now we need to look more into this

  58. I was in the NBC in the US Army in 2001. We were told that we didn’t have a choice that we had to get the vaccination, and that there was no other options. We weren’t even given the opportunity to opt out. This was a few months after 9-11-01.

  59. I took probably 15 or so anthrax shots in all. It sucked really bad. The BN aid station lost my medical records twice. Both times I was on the 3rd or 4th shot. They kept starting me over on the first shot. I got hateful with them the 2nd time and told them I wasn’t taking anymore anthrax shots, but some asshole made sure I got them. Thanks for that “Buck”.

    I have terrible memory and my chest hurts from time to time, but I drink a lot and have a pretty sorry diet so that is probably why. I don’t know if its related to anthrax shots or not though. I don’t know what to believe. I feel like a lot of people are really milking the PTSD thing to get free money. I know a kid that got 70% PTSD rating from the VA for going to bootcamp and AIT, then getting kicked out. I’ve lost a lot of faith in USA in the last few years, which hurts me to say as a vet myself.

    Semper Fi

    USMC MARSOC 2DMSOB F Co. 2006-2011

    • They “lost” my husbands records too. The clinic told him they couldn’t find their copy and asked him to bring in his. He did. They asked to keep it for awhile to copy it. When he went back for, they said they lost that copy too. He was getting out of the Marines then, and moving back to the states. They said they’d send it to him when they found it. That never happened. We contacted the archives and they sent us a hodge podge of records. Everything they sent was before he got sick. He spent 2 years in the Marines sick, seeing every specialist there was. All those records are gone. There wasn’t even a shot record included in his medical records! I knew him in high school years before he got sick. He was very strong and capable. He was an intelligence analyst, and smart as a whip. A few months after the shots, he couldn’t remember his own phone number. He would sleep for 18 hours a day. He couldn’t run PT, Devolved migraines, and sinus infections that lasted for months. It was like he turned into a 90 year old man over night. He spent 10 years in and got out on a disability discharge. He went to the VA, and they told him they couldn’t do anything for him because their were no records. He got the shots in 98-90, at Cherry Point, NC.

  60. My shots were discontinued after 5, bad batch. Great….fml

  61. A reaction doesn’t have to occur immediately or within a few years. Scientists explain that it’s not unusual to have reactions even a decade later (& longer). It has to do with stressors affecting ingredients, both known and unknown viruses, that vaccine resesrchers and developers have said, should NOT be present. … Detoxing is hugely important however if you have the mthrfr gene mutation, a specialised detox is required as the detox pathways are compromised. … There are plenty of vaccine aware and anti vax groups on fb, with many people who can give further info. There are plenty of vaccine researchers and developers that do not support ANY vaccines. It may take a while to find the info, so if you are interested, dont give up as some days all I see are pro vax sites and pro vax research. Btw, someone posted VA dx of fibromyalgia, you can find researchers (including vaccine researchers on youtube), who explain vaccines can cause fibro.

    • Vincent Oneal Ponder

      i to took the shots in 90-91 for the Gulf war its on my shot record as Shot A and Shot B, just recently got diagnosed with Mild Cognitive disorder. Had to switch positions at the police dept because of it.

  62. I was in the Air National Guard (90-07) and was forced (threatened with job loss if not taken) to take my third shot while I was in a non military status and afterwards had 72 hours of a non stop headache. I have noticed several of the listed side effects but have nowhere to go….VA refuses to acknowledge and looks for other reasons so as to not say what need be said about this….anyone know a good lawyer??

  63. I went to Desert Sheild and Storm….I have joint pain, terrible memory problems, fatigue, sleep problems….I knew it wasn’t normal but the VA keeps trying to find other reasons.

  64. Received anthrax vaccine in January 1991. totally disabled with cfs by 1993. diagnosed with ms 1998. I do received crsc from the af because they said I was injured by an instrumentality of comat. I received the vaccine while serving in Saudi during the gulf war.

  65. My unit was getting ready to deploy and we had to get the shot. Shortly after i started having seizures. Now I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy. Ive lost a lot of my childhood, and my oldest son, age 7, has watched me have a grand mal seizure. His comment on it was i looked like a zombie and it scared him. I hate it!

  66. Ive been in for 17 years and have had the full 6 rounds of shots, plus annual boosters every year. After each one, I get a sever localized reaction that only gets worse after each shot and can last for weeks! I’ve shown my PA pics, but he won’t exempt me from it. I am exempt from PPD at least because I do test positive for TB (thank you Afghanistan). I absolutely hate getting the Anthrax shot, but every year when that immunization list comes out…you better believe my commander is hassling me to get my shot! I do ave joint pain, memory problems, fatigue…amybe I’ll get it checked out. But I already know what they’re going to say

  67. I know…I’m 1 of them!!! I was a “Doc” for the Marines in the Persian Gulf War. My boss and I had 600 Marines alone…We were sent the Anthrax, but yet told to give it to all Marines, but NOT record it in their individual Medical Records, which we automatically REFUSED to do…so we halted giving them…Then got a message we could put A-1 and A-2 for each shot, which was a 2 shot series, but 6 weeks apart…some of my Marines fell out the first time and I made fun of them, then had to apologize, when I got my 2nd, It started off like a Bee Sting, then got worse and worse until it felt like my arm was being literally ripped off, which I had to go lay down. Thank God, it only lasted about 45 seconds…BUT we only had 120,000 Shots, so we were the lucky one’s to get it…Since…2007 had to have inner ear/brain surgery because my inner skull collapsed and my brain ended up in my left inner ear. They had to cut a square out of my skull, then move my brain over, then, they could not fix me, so they surgically sealed up my inner ear with Surgival Wax…Not knowing that my left ear would tell me I’m falling 24/7…and when I got out of surgery and even up to a year…The Dallas VA said, we don’t know what caused you such dizziness, but since you can’t prove it was us. we(The Veterans Administration) are NOT giving you anything. And that has been the same…I kept my label to my bottle of Anthrax and kept other medication packaging of things we were given.

  68. IN the first Gulf War–we were given all six at the same time. . . It was a day or two after Christmas 1990. You got two shots in one arm and two steps forward and two in the other and then two in the first arm which was not your dominate arm so I got 4 in my left and two in my right. I waited the interval and started to swell and spent the next week on my back in a ‘field first aid station with a lot of other guys’ I had flu like symptoms and a very swollen thyroid. Which as of today does not work properly—the VA does not recognize anything. Greg

  69. I served in iraq I’m 2005 and was forced to get 3 of the 6 shots before the quietly decided to stop. I’ve had migraines ever since, I came back with respiratory issues and a lot of the medical issues described in this article. What is maddening is I put those things as a claim on my VA disability and was told that there is no way they are related to combat. They are noted, but I do not receive compensation or treatment for them through the va.

  70. This article is very misleading. First of all the Gulf War happened in 1991 and literally lasted months. Second, anthrax vaccine, which had been given to workers dealing with livestock and butchery since the 1970’s, was given to AD military since late 1997 or 1998. I did the training for our command on this vaccine. Third, we’ve had several anthrax attacks on military and federal installation in CONUS, where it would be beneficial for personnel to have the immunity to the virus. Fourth, other anthrax vaccines have existed for at least 60 years. The effectiveness of the American vaccine was as a result of the comprehensive study and use of foreign vaccines. Someone needs to do their homework and stop the fear monger tactics.

    • Understood, but published studies right now that started in late 90s deal with the ajuvant squalene and it’s use in vaccines in this time frame. I served from 89 to 03. In 98, due to an impending TDY to Kuwait I was started on the newer anthrax vaccine series and received the full series plus a booster before stopping. This appeared on my yellow shot record, something I wish had been done in 90 when I deployed the first time. The newer vaccine was more of an issue due to factors associated with the ajuvant and making large numbers of lots. Cretain lots have shown troubling results when tested against others or in blinds. I won’t go through my myriad of problems but count me in with all the other ‘anecdotal’ evidence that shortened my career and had me medically discharged. The VA doctors are literally throwing up their hands and can only treat symptoms as they see them without knowing root causes. Frust rating is an understatement.

    • This is a thread full of recipients that have received 1 or more of these shots, and are now screwed up in some way or another…. and here comes your overly-opinionated, self-entitled, Hillary-supporting, Tyrone acting-ass.. Tyrone is telling us since he had the training, it must be safe. . . There have NEVER EVER EVER been any recorded cases of anthrax attacks against military personnel. You must be referring to the 2001 Anthrax attacks or (which was not against military personnel… but why am I telling you this?) Someone does need to do the homework and stop talking in queefs. Just a disgustingly stupid addition to this thread. Thanks EJ Howes

  71. Federal employees as well, not just military.

  72. Would have been nice to share this page, but you have to turn volume way up to hear it so when loud commercials frequently break in, it blows the speakers. I wouldn’t do that to my friends. Even as I am a veteran who was forced out on a chapter 13 due to injuries caused by following orders. I am denied benefits due to the fact that I can not provide my military medical records which they refuse to send to me, for the purpose of providing them in my claims for benefits. Therefore without my records which only they have and refuse to use or send to me, I can not prove I was injured in the military.

  73. Thank you all for your service. I read each and everyone of your posts and my heart goes out to you. I have been online since last year researching on anthrax vaccine when I was asked to take it. I declined and gave my reasons (aftermath effects on soldiers), I was reported and a major sent a letter ordering me to take it. Still I stood my ground. I don’t even have 1 and half years left to complete the dose even if I wanted to follow her order.

    Today at drill, I was told that I will be facing JAG tomorrow for article 15 and reduction in rank. I am up putting my points together because I intend to speak up (in respectful manner). The bottom line is, I will rather get out of the military than poison my body.

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